Tray update

Tray update

If you already read our recent blog post, you might have heard that we have revealed the 2nd generation Plantui Plant Capsules, and they are going to be easier, smarter and more educative to use than ever before. You can read more about the great features of the 2nd generation Plantui Plant Capsules here.

For those of you who have the 1st generation Plantui 6 Smart Garden, and have been using the 1st generation version of Plantui Plant Capsules with it, we will be providing a possibility to upgrade your devices for free!

To define if this change applies to you, please check from the picture which generation Plantui 6 device you have:


1st generation Plantui 6

A new tray is needed only when growing with 2nd generation Plant Capsules. Therefore, we will provide you with a free tray together with your next 2nd generation Plant Capsule purchase.

You can get 2nd generation Plant Capsules and new trays from some of our retailers or from click here. However, note that you can keep using your device with 1st generation Capsules as long as you have 1st gen Capsules left.


2nd generation Plantui 6

2nd generation Plantui 6 Smart Gardens come with a new tray, which is compatible with the improved Plant Capsules, so there is no need to upgrade anything. Just enjoy the enhanced miracle of growth!