Welcome to the team, Sari!

Welcome to the team, Sari!

Today it is time to introduce you to yet another new member of the Plantui family: Sari Leka, Sales Manager for the Finnish market. We have confronted her with a few challenging questions to make sure you can get to know her better! ;)

Silke: How have your first weeks at Plantui been?
Sari: The first 2 weeks have been interesting. I’ve learned a lot about Plantui – the company and the devices. I have gotten to know our team and can say: It’s a really nice place to work! I have also had my first customer meetings and it’s been fun to introduce them to Plantui. The more I learn the more eager I am! It is easy to represent Plantui with pride because it is an amazing product that everyone in the family can enjoy. My kids are following everyday how our own salads are doing. :)

Silke: How did you decide to join us at Plantui?
Sari: I saw the job advertisement on LinkedIn and firstly the picture of Plantui 6 draw my attention. I started to study the web page and immediately wanted to have a Plantui of my own. I want to represent products that go well with my values and lifestyle. Also, the thought of working in a start up company was intriguing. You have to believe in the product to be able to sell it and to me Plantui is perfect. I love eating all green stuff and I do care about what we eat at home. And I have to admit that Plantui also looks really nice.

"I’m trying to do as much customer meetings as I can by my bike and if not by bike then by public transport. I have fresh food with me when I go!"

Silke: What are you responsible for in the company?
Sari: I am responsible for the sales in Finland. We have to own the markets and raise the awareness of people about Plantui. We are growing fast, and my job is to spread the joy of Plantui to everyone in Finland. I do sales and sales trainings and try to help retailers in every way I can. I am actively seeking good homes for Plantuis. I am interested in getting Plantui to places where people can see them, like cafes and restaurants. There people can taste the pure and fresh greens that you can grow on your own.

Silke: What is your vision for Plantui?
Sari: My vision is that when you mention smart gardens or indoor gardens people would automatically think Plantui. I see that these products have a big potential in today's world. I hope that people would see the benefits of growing their greens by themselves. It is not just about the pure, fresh and healthy food. It is also seeing the plants grow and doing it by yourself. It is fun and easy but at the same time you learn to appreciate it. Maybe people will also learn more about loving the environment and the whole planet.

Silke: Why do you love the Plantui products? How do you use them?
Sari: I am vegan and I love adding greens on top of everything. May it be pasta, wok, soup or whatever - I feel that it needs salad and herbs on top of it. Now that I have a Plantui of my own I surely always have something green growing that I can use. It is also my sneaky plan to get my kids to eat more greens. When they grow it by themselves it means more to them. And when you can lift Plantui to the table while you eat it is easy to add greens from it on top of your portion. I use Kale instead of Parmesan and mixed herbs on sandwiches. Sometimes when I harvest from our office I don’t even think what herbs I mix and I use that blend on different meals. That keeps it interesting!

Silke: Tell us one fun fact about yourself!
Sari: The first thing I did when I came to Plantui was to get me a big isolated backpack. It had to be big enough for Plantui 6. I’m trying to do as much customer meetings as I can by my bike and if not by bike then by public transport. Now I can keep plants safe in the winter time also. I don’t want to go to a client with frozen Basil. People probably think that I’m a food courier with that backpack, but that is okay because they are almost right. I have fresh food with me when I go!


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