What are microgreens

What are microgreens

What are microgreens

Microgreens are a new form of superfood, and highly trending globally. They are small greens grown from vegetables and herbs only in a week, and full of important vitamins and minerals! Microgreens are seedlings vegetables and herbs, that have formed roots, stem and first leaves called cotyledons and sometimes young true leaves as well. When using microgreens, you only eat stem and leaves. 

You may have seen microgreens in fancy restaurants all around the world. They are well liked among top chefs because of their beautiful looks, taste and high level of vitamins. In your own kitchen, these tiny greens on top of your favorite dish will transfer your home-made regular pasta from basic to WOW. Spark up your breakfast with this healthy superfood or add them on your favorite burger. For a super healthy experience, try them with lemon, spinach and pear in a green smoothie!

Many of the microgreens look quite the same, but when you taste, you’ll find the differences. For mild, sweet taste, try pok choi and for a more, stronger, peppery taste you might want to choose radish, which goes really well with salads and gives an extra kick to your sandwich or burger! Test to find the ones you like the most.


Hydroponic Plantui Microgreens: forget the mat!

Plantui Microgreens is the first in the world, hydroponic growing concept where you don’t need a growing mat. You only need the device, water, seeds and natural nutrient, coming with the seeds. Super easy and sustainable.

Plantui microgreens are grown using Plantui Smart Garden 6 equipped with microgreen tray, that includes mesh plate optimised for growing hydroponic microgreens. The technology inside the device enhances plants natural growth by giving them optimal light and right amount of water and nutrients. The patented tech will make you an urban farmer and you can start your journey towards more self-sufficient life.


Microgreen Accessories

If you are an existing Plantui user and you have a smart garden for herbs & salads at home, you can switch to growing microgreens by purchasing an accessory, microgreen tray (with included seeds for Radish and Broccoli). For new gardeners we recommend starting with Microgreen starter kit that will include Smart Garden 6 device, and everything you’ll need for kick starting your healthy life.


How to grow indoors

Microgreens are superfast to grow. Radish and Broccoli are ready to harvest in 7 days. Because microgreens can produce equivalent amount of nutritional value as mature greens in much shorter time and resources, they are very environmentally friendly. By growing them locally in your own kitchen with hydroponic growth experience will make your total carbon footprint even smaller and you are on an exciting path to become self-sufficient in your greens.

To grow Microgreens, you don’t need a green thumb! The amount of seeds is optimized and from one microgreen seed package you will get a full tray of microgreens. One seed bag (white) contains 4 small bags (brown) of seeds + nutrient. Use one brown bag of seeds for one-quarter of Microgreens Tray.

Steps to grow microgreens indoor in a Plantui Microgreen device:

  1. Add water and nutrients to the bowl, one spoon nutrients per liter of water
  2. Assemble microgreen tray
  3. Add seeds. Microgreen tray is divided to four sections and inside one bag you’ll find four (4) smaller, brown bags, one (1) to be used for each section.
  4. Plug in the device and cover microgreens for two-three days.
  5. Harvest and in enjoy in 7 to 14 days.

When harvesting lift mesh plates of the tray and cut stems 1 cm above the growth surface with scissors or sharp knife, and enjoy!


Plantui Microgreens


Rocket is very popular and tasty salad, that you can now grow as a microgreen, with even deeper taste and more health benefits. Rocket, sometimes called arugula brings perfect twist to your cooking. Serve these microgreens with salads, pasta and goat cheese or create your own fresh recipe. Rocket microgreens have high amounts of Kalium and Iron that help with blood pressure and immune function.

  • vitamins C, E, K
  • minerals Potassium, Iron

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Pak Choi

These Asian orientated microgreens have mild, sweet taste and beautiful colors. Garnish your salads, sandwiches, soups and create your own fresh recipes. Calcium and vitamin K of the microgreens help to keep strong bones and muscles. These microgreens have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

  • C, A, K
  • calcium, potassium

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Red radish

Radish is one of the fastest growing microgreens. Seven days from seed to harvest! Like radish root, the microgreens have also a peppery and fresh taste that goes well with salads and gives an extra kick to your sandwiches and burgers. Like all microgreens Radis also has a high vitamin and mineral content. Radish microgreens are superfood. High amounts of vitamins C, E and K and minerals Kalium, Iron and Zinc take care of the immune system, blood pressure and are part of the healthy metabolism

  • C, E, K, carotenoids
  • Potassium, Iron, Zink

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Broccoli microgreens are known to be fast and tasty but above all super healthy. These microgreens have vitamin C level higher that in lemons! Broccoli microgreens prevent cardiovascular disease and their high vitamin A content helps keep eyes healthy. Try delicious microgreens on salads with light vinegar dressing or pile them on to your favorite dish.

  • A, B, C, E, K, carotenoids
  • Calcium, Potassium, Iron, magnesium

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Red cabbage

Red cabbage in extremely rich in vitamins! One handful of radish microgreens can equal to two full grown cabbages! These microgreens can contain 40 times the vitamin E compared to mature red cabbage. Vitamin E is important part of nutrition, it is one of the most important antioxidants in body, it protects cells, prevents aging, and improves skin! Use in wraps and omelets and garnish soups, meat dishes and or boost up your smoothie!

  • C, E, K, carotenoids
  • Calcium, potassium, magnesium 

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The vitamins and minerals content of microgreens

Microgreens are not only fast growing, but super healthy and tasty! They have high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Studies have proved that red cabbage microgreens can have up to 40 times more vitamin E compared to the mature red cabbage! As an example: One handful of red cabbage microgreen has as much vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients as 2 kg of Red Cabbage. Think about that!

Microgreens have high concentrations of

  • minerals such as:
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Iron
    • Zinc
  • vitamins
    • A, B, C, E and K
  • antioxidants
    • Polyphenols (help you with cholesterol, weight gain and cardiovascular diseases)



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