What is in Plantui Nutrients?

What is in Plantui Nutrients?

We have been often asked about nutrients. Specifically, about Plantui Nutrients. What is in Plantui Nutrients? Do you need to add them to water? How much nutrients do you need to add? Can you use some other nutrients with Plantui? If you bear with us, we will answer all of these questions.

Plantui nutrients are made exclusively of natural ingredients. Our nutrient mix consists only of the essential nutrients the plants need (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, cobolt and molybdenum). These nutrients come from nature: either from the air or through mining.


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Though the mix is all-natural, you should make sure that you keep the powder away from the reach of pets and children. Eating the powder would be too much salt at one time. That being said, nothing will happen if your pet has been drinking from the water tank. The nutrients mixed with water are not dangerous, they just make the water salty. 

Nowadays we are very conscious of the foods we consume. Bio, natural, organic are terms we all look for when scanning the shelves in stores. We at Plantui pride ourselves that our seeds in capsules are pesticide-free and non-gmo. Our nutrients are a perfect, naturally balanced mixture. So, why don’t we use organic nutrients? We have a very good reason for this.

You see, organic fertilizers means using compost or animal manure. Those cannot be used in hydroponic gardening, because the organic fertilizers need special soil organisms: earthworms, millipedes, mites and especially bacteria. They work in soil by breaking down large organic compounds into inorganic nutrients that plants use. And as you know Plantui Smart Gardens are hydroponic, that’s why we give the nutrients to the plants in the form they can directly use.


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We advise against using any other nutrients or fertilizers for Plantui Smart Garden. Our nutrients are specifically designed for our irrigation system. A lot of research was done in co-operation with the Finnish Agricultural Research Institute to reach a perfect composition and correct amount to be used: 1 Plantui spoonful of our nutrient per 1 liter of water. If you try using any other nutrient, we cannot guarantee successful growth. On another note, the use of other nutrients can also damage the water pump.

It is very important to add nutrients to the water. Nutrients are tiny building blocks for growth and living. Without them, your plants will grow small, suffer from deficiencies, turn yellow, pale and eventually might die. Adding nutrients in hydroponics is a necessity that should not be ignored if you wish to have a beautiful, lush, tasty and plentiful harvest of your favorite greens!


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Eventually, when you enjoy the Plantui greens the nutrients end up part of your body and they are all needed for proper physiology of a human being.


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