What is indoor gardening

What is indoor gardening


Have you experienced the joy of growing your own food? Salads and herbs, and even tomatoes and chilies can be grown indoors! Some of us are lucky enough to have an outdoor garden, but indoor gardens are available for all of us - there are multiple ways to grow indoors!

Watching you own green grow is a rewarding experience, the wonder of growth and having herbs in reach when you need them, is priceless. When you grow your own greens you can harvest as much as you need at the time and let your plants continue their growth, this way there is no food waste, and no half used herbs going to bin. Sustainable way to be a part of the future gardening movement!


Indoor Gardening ideas

Growing outdoors, plants get what they need from soil, rain and sun, but indoors we need to provide the growing conditions. This can be done in many ways. Here are some examples.


Potted plants

Plants in pots by the window is a simple way to get started. To get the best results, place your pots on a sunny window, but notice that too much heat can affect the plant growth. If you are interested to read in more details about plant growth biology, here's a link to Epic Gardening article.


Growth tents

If you do not happen to have good conditions for you plants by the window you can use growth tents. These are like tiny green houses, where there is a good climate and lighting for your plants. There are many different kinds of growth tents available. Many of them take a lot of space and are not the most convenient for smaller apartment but can for sure help you grow potted plants.



Using soil to grow greens is the traditional way, but you might create quite a mess. Some greens are fast growing but do not last for long, with these kings of plants you need to be prepared for continuous watering and changing the soil.

Hydroponics is an advanced method for those who want to grow plants faster than in soil! And with less water and nutrients. It is a very effective way to grow plants. In hydroponics soil is replaced with nutrient solution and watering is made automatic. There are many possibilities from which to choose from when building your own hydroponics from scratch. For example using recycled materials like soda bottles or readymade kits. Many of these kits are for heavy users and they might take lot of space from small apartments. Important part in hydroponics is to learn to use right kind of nutrient, this might need a bit of chemistry studying for finding the right nutrient balance.

Epic Gardening has produced a DIY instruction for building a hydroponics bottle Garden, you can open their article from this link.


Grow lights

Whether you are growing plants in pots or in hydroponics you need a good growing light to get best results. There are many to choose from, but we think that energy saving, and long-lasting LED lights are the best choice. When looking into plant grow lights, many times you see these purple lights, this is because plants can use blue and red most effectively in the photosynthesis. There are also white lights but remember that even if the white light may seem bright for your eyes it might not always be as effective for growing you greens and vegetables. You can learn more about how light effects to plants from our article.


Easy way to start - Plantui indoor gardening kit

We at Plantui have been studying everything related to indoor gardening: plant biology, botany, lights, nutrients and tech to build the best hydroponic smart indoor garden that is easy to use and beautiful to look at. Plantui smart gardens combines hydroponic automatic watering, lights, nutrients and wide plant selection for best growth!

  • Automatic and easy. Fresh, homegrown food around the year
  • No pesticides or other additives, 100 % clean
  • Optimized light. Plants growth depends on light and that’s why Plantui has specially developed growth lights. Best growth results and beautiful light element in your home
  • Improved nutrition value. Plantui grown plants can have 400 % more vitamins compared to store bought herbs
  • Beautiful Nordic design. For us Nordic design means beauty and practicality. Plantui devises are easy to use and a real eye catcher for your kitchen, living room and office
  • Sleep timer. Plantui sleeps 8 hours a day. No light, no noise during the night
  • Microgreens for Superfast growing Superfood! With Plantui microgreens you can grow your own microgreens in a week
  • 100 % growth guaranteed! We are always happy to help, we support you and your plants growing

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Indoor gardening is the future way to grow sustainable healthy greens right where they are consumed. Hopefully this article gave you some ideas, and you'll find a suitable way for you to grow you own greens! If you want to get an easy start, check out our smart garden kits on our store!