Which plants to grow in the Pre-Grow Tray?

Which plants to grow in the Pre-Grow Tray?

Pre-Grow Tray is an accessory for Plantui 6 Smart Garden. The tray has 12 places for plant capsules, so you can grow double the amount of plants compared to the standard plant tray. It’s perfect for growing small plants that you can plant outside later. You can also let your plants grow until the harvesting phase, but then they won’t get as perfect conditions as in the normal tray, because they will receive less light, water, nutrients and space. So how to make sure your plants get enough space and light in these crowded conditions? The answer is simple: choose the right plants! In general, plants that have a narrow growing habit are suitable for the Pre-Grow Tray. Here are some plants we have tested ourselves and we can truly recommend:


Chives is really the perfect plant in the Pre-Grow Tray. We haven’t chosen it to the Plantui plant capsules selection, because it gives quite a small harvest from one plant capsule. But for the Pre-Grow Tray it’s perfect, because it grows in such a narrow way! We’ll recommend to put about eight seeds per capsule.


Cat grass

Some cats like to eat fresh greens, so it’s nice to grow that for them. For example oats and barley can be grown for cats. Cat grass is a great choice for the Pre-Grow Tray, for the same reasons as chives. We’ll recommend to put about five seeds per capsule.

You can learn more about cat grass here.



Chard (also called Swiss chard) is a leafy green vegetable related to beetroot. Chard is perfect for baby leaf growing, because it makes many colourful leaves, that taste delicious when harvested small. We’ll recommend to put about five seeds per capsule.

You can learn more about chard here.


Picture: Use four packages of Experimental Kits for the Pre-Grow Tray.

Ready Plantui plant capsules:

If you don’t want to buy seeds and use the Experimental Kit, you can use some of the plants from  the Plantui selection. These ones have a suitable, narrow growing habit:

Fast growers:

Garden Cress - Available here.
Leaf Radish – Available here.

Medium-fast growers:

Sage – Available here.
Summer Savory – Available here.
Coriander – Available here.
Flatleaf Parsley – Available here.
Dill – Available here.

Slow growers:

Bloody Sorrel – Available here.
Thyme – Available here.
Marjoram – Available here.


Please note that it's recommended to grow plants from the same growing group (fast / medium-fast / slow) together.

Boosting Light Height Block is a very good way to make sure your plants will get enough light.

Pre-Grow Tray is available here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the chat or leave a message there and will will get back to you as soon as possible.


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