Plantui 3e has officially joined the Plantui family!

Plantui 3e has officially joined the Plantui family!

We are proud to welcome the newest member, the Plantui 3e, to the team.
There was a strong demand for a smaller Plantui Smart Garden after the Plantui 6,
and that is exactly what we have done. We are very happy with our new
little friend and hope you will be too.

Plantui 3e is basically the little sister of Plantui 6 with exactly the same, user-friendly mechanisms and functions but just in a smaller size ­–plus a more affordable price. The irrigation system and lights are fully automated and work with the same rhythm as they do in Plantui 6 (lights on 16 hours a day, 8 hours asleep). The 3e is a beautiful design element and a platform for fresh greens all in one.

Just like Plantui 6, the Plantui 3e Smart Garden enables you to grow fresh herbs indoors all year round without the inconvenience of using soil. All you need to do is to insert the desired plant capsules into your Plantui device and it will take care of the rest. In Plantui 3e you can grow 3 plants at a time, whereas in Plantui 6 you can fit maximum of 6 plants. Grow your favorite herbs, leafy greens or even edible flowers from seed to harvest in only 4-8 weeks,  gardening skills won’t be necessary.

Plantui 3e is the same size as the Plantui 3 Moomin Garden, but it is easier to use and is user-friendlier thanks to the functions borrowed from the Plantui 6. The 3e uses AC power instead of a battery and the light hat is attached to the device.

If you are interested in comparing the details of different Plantui Smart Gardens, please click here and choose your favorite.


Let the Nordic light bring energy to your home
and enjoy self-grown, tasty greens!