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Circular Economy & Sustainability 

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Sustainability and Circular economy have always been in the heart of Plantui. We take our responsibility of the planet and health- & wellbeing of people seriously and have set circular economy & sustainability to be our core values.

The recent trend in growing our own food has increased the knowledge about the length of food supply chain and urban indoor gardening possibilities. At the same time the willingness to decrease the food waste and the use of plastic has been a hot topic. The grow-where-you-eat movement is something Plantui wants to support. Our patented technology can be used to support urban growing in effective vertical farming and in all homes around the globe. Being a little self-sufficient when using your Plantui Smart Garden at home will not only give you a positive feeling of growth but also will help you to reduce your ‘herb food miles’ to 0.

1. Modular design, ling-life product and 100% recyclable material 

Plantui uses food safe, ASB mono-material, whch is easy to recycle. The Long-Lasting product has been designed so that all components are replaceable. Plantui has been designed to be a life-long friend.

2. Low energy consumption – less than a light bulb a year  

Plantui growth platform is as energy-efficient as energy-saving lamps! While your plants get the light they need, Plantui also illuminates your life! We use high efficiency LED lights with special spectrum designed to give the best growth to your plants with minimum energy consumption.

3. Lower footprint compared to your supermarket herbs 

One Plantui plant capsule will bring you greens equal to 10 x supermarket herb bunch,with 10 x less plastic. As you’ll have your herbs ready and fresh when you need them, the amount of food waste coming from herbs/salad will also naturally decrease.

All Plantui calculations are based on LCA modelling done by LCS Life Cycle Simulation GmbH. The calculations has been done by using Plantui Smart Garden 6 and taking into account for example packaging, transportation and energy consumption. The elements examined in the calculations.

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