Komatsuna Tips and Tricks

  • Asian leafy vegetable with a perky taste, can be used with or instead of lettuce.
  • Germination takes only 3 days, continues growing quickly after that.
  • Add the first Height Block as the first leaves are visible.
  • You can start picking some leaves already in 2-3 weeks.
  • You can harvest the biggest leaves first or cut all at once.


Brassica rapa var. perviridis

Komatsuna, or Japanese Spinach Mustard, is a nutritious and beautiful leaf vegetable. It has probably been cultivated in Japan for ages. With its long, bending leaves, komatsuna looks pretty, especially in its baby stage (don’t they all?). It’s hardy and grows fast. It has a nice texture and a gentle green, fresh flavour with a hint of mustard. Komatsuna is also a good source of calcium. You can do with komatsuna whatever takes your fancy. Use it like you would use kale or spinach. Mix a handful of raw baby leaves to salads. The largest leaves can be roughly chopped and wilted on a pan or steamed, added to soups and stews or tossed to pasta.


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