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Mizuna Tips and Tricks

  • Asian leafy vegetable with beautiful leaves.
  • Mild taste with just a hint of mustard, can be used raw in salads or quickly cooked.
  • Germination time only 3 days and grows quickly.
  • Add the first Height Block when the first leaves appear.
  • You can start harvesting some leaves in 2-3 weeks.
  • You can harvest the biggest leaves first or cut all at once.


Brassica rapa var. japonica

Mizuna is a stylish and fast growing leafy vegetable. It’s widely grown in Japan and enjoyed there as a green of the cool seasons. Mizuna can be eaten raw or cooked. The crisp, decorative leaves have fringed edges and blond stalks. The flavour of the young leaves could be described as bright green and fresh with a subtle hint of mustard. Mix it to your salads to pep them up, add as a topping for your pizza, toss into pasta or add to sandwiches for a nice crunch. The balsamic dressing tastes very good with mizuna. When you have harvested a big bunch of mizuna leaves, try steaming or stir-frying them, maybe with soy sauce, garlic, and some lemon juice. Yummy, and oh-so-healthy.


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