Snapdragon Tips and Tricks

  • Edible luxurious flowers!
  • Germination 14 days, then the growth of leaves speeds up.
  • Height Block added when the first leaves appear.
  • In about 5 weeks Snapdragon starts flowering in many colours.
  • Use the flowers in a couple of days.
  • Remove the withered flowers so new ones appear.
  • As all the flowers in one branch has been used cut off the whole branch and new branches will grow.
  • Snapdragon stems can also be cut from the base and make a bundle into a vase.


Antirrhinum majus

This snapdragon has exotic, beautiful flowers in mixed colours. You can use these edible flowers to decorate cakes and dessert, or just admire them while they grow. They work well as cut flowers, too! The name comes from the fact that the flower looks like the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth. How? Try squeezing one flower from both sides between your fingers!


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