Smart Garden 6 - Fathers day bundle

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Fathers day is around the corner and you should find something special for your dearest dad? He has enough socks, hats, and gloves already?

With this Smart Garden 6 set, your father can start his own herb garden and enjoy these fresh and tasty herbs every day. And when he gets started with Plantui - he can of course always continue with our chili's and other delicious herbs and salads we have on our offering. Plantui is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle with endless possibilities for growing your own greens.

This kind of herb garden is like a dream for every Chef. Use fresh herbs and master your recipes! 

This kit includes

  • Plantui Smart Garden 6, Grey
  • Mint
  • Basil Spicy
  • Thyme

Normal price for these items, in total, is 285,70€. With this special bundle you'll save 86,70€ !!!


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