Basil Minette

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Basil Minette Estimated Growth Time in Plantui SMART GARDEN

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Basil Minette Tips and Tricks

  • A small leaved basil
  • No need to pinch, the growth habit is beautiful and dense.
  • High-yielding, you can start harvesting at four weeks from planting, pick the leaves evenly around the plant.
  • The white flowers are beautiful and edible, but to avoid bitterness in leaves use them in decoration.


Ocimum basilicum - 'Minette'

If basil is called the king of herbs, the adorable Minette must be the princess. It’s a miniature version of the ‘papa Basil’, forming an attractive round bush. All types of basil contain essential oils that are mild antiseptics sometimes used to settle an upset stomach. Basil Minette, with its aromatic, aniseed-like sweetish flavor and the pleasing clove scent, is the staple herb for all of us who love pesto and caprese salad. You can also use it in pasta and risotto and throw a handful of leaves on pizza or bruschetta. And do not dedicate this versatile herb to main dishes only! Basil Minette and strawberries or peaches are an incredible match.


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