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Mint Estimated Growth Time in Plantui SMART GARDEN 

Plantui Mint Timeline


Mint Tips and Tricks

  • Sweet, perky herb, usually used in herbal teas, desserts and lamb dishes.
  • Germination time 10 days, grows slowly at first but is surprisingly fast and lush in the end.
  • Add the first Height Block as the first leaves are visible.
  • Pinch off the tips of each stem in one plant capsule as they are 5 cm tall.
  • You can start harvesting in 5 weeks by picking the tips and biggest leaves.


    Mentha ssp

    Mint is one of the most important herbs in the world: its leaves and fresh-smelling essential oils are widely used in sweets, cosmetics, medicine, and perfumes. And in mojitos, let’s not forget mojitos and mint juleps. Mint is a pretty, fragrant plant. It has soft, fresh green leaves with jagged edges. Enjoy mint tea or mint lemonade just for the fresh, cheery, sweetish flavour. Sprinkle mint leaves on fruit salads as well as on other desserts and cakes. Mint goes well with new potatoes and fresh peas and becomes a lovely green jelly, which tastes great with roast lamb.


    Plantui Plant Capsules Package

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