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Sage Estimated Growth Time in Plantui SMART GARDENPlantui Sage Timeline


Sage Tips and Tricks

  • Strong scent and flavour.
  • Germination time 10 days.
  • Add the first Height Block as first leaves appear.
  • Pinch off the tips when the stems are approx. 6 cm.
  • You can start harvesting in about 4 weeks by picking some biggest leaves.


Salvia officinalis

Sage has a long and fine history in medical use. “Cur moriatur homo, cui salvia crescit in horto”, why did they let a man die when there was sage in the garden? But it would be so wrong to leave this fine herb to the medicine men only. The fresh leaves of sage have a spicy, deep and strong flavour which in a way tames the fatty taste of pork, bacon, sausages, and salmon. Try frying sage quickly in butter and add to risotto or spaghetti. If you get more sage leaves than you can eat, you might release your inner hippie and make your own potpourri. Mix dried leaves with dried citrus peel and maybe some spices like cinnamon. Call it feng shui, or call it a home-made Christmas present.


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