green friday

Black Friday is Green!

Plantui is the ecological choice. When you grow herbs and salads at home, you always get fresh products, avoid food waste and reduce plastic and pollution. Plantui uses only very little energy and water. Just think what happens when everyone reduces their environmental impact, even just a little - together we in the Plantui community can really help reduce our environmental impact and make our home planet greener.

Here are Plantui's Green Friday offers - enjoy!

Plantui Smart Gardens


Plantui Smart Garden 3 – Starter set

Get an easy start with Smart Garden 3, two packets of our favourite herbs and herb scissors for harvesting! NEW 2023 model!

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Plantui Smart Garden 6 – Starter set

The easiest way to start your own home garden. This set includes Plantui Smart Garden 6 device, four packets of our top favourite plants and herb scissors for harvesting.

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Plantui Smart Garden 6 – All inclusive set

The All-inclusive set to kick-start your home garden. This set includes everything you need to grow salads, herbs, flowers, chilies, and microgreens.

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Plantui plants and selections

This is the perfect moment for you to get enough plants for the winter time! And remember - when compared to store bought plants, Plantui grown greens give you 400% more vitamins and 10 times more crops!

Jumbo pack

12 most popular herbs, salads and flowers in one Jumbo-bundle – Plants for the whole year!
New plant selection!

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Chili “Bird’s Eye Baby” & Blooming light

New spicy Chili bundled with light block to give your chili more growth & vitality!

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This classic herb is so much more versatile than just pesto and pasta! Try a colourful combination with strawberries and peaches

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Coriander, or cilantro, is an important herb not only in Asian cooking, but also in Mediterranean, Mexican and French cuisine

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Cherry Tomatoes, Red

A juicy, home-grown cherry tomato is an unparalleled taste experience

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What is a Plantui smart indoor garden?

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