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Growing plants in nature vs. Plantui indoor garden.

Plantui technology
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Plant growth in the Nordic countries is limited because out of the four seasons, only one period of about 3 months is favorable for growth. The fall, winter and spring are too dark and cold for consistent growth. Only summer is warm and bright enough without artificial cultivation methods such as greenhouses, additional heating and lighting.

In terms of plant growth, the growing season is divided into 3-4 different phases, which also follow the natural cycle. Late spring and early summer are the germination and seedling phase. Midsummer is a time of strong growth and late summer and early fall are a time of flowering, procreation and fruit production. Harvesting often also takes place in late summer.

Nature is sometimes a rather tricky place for things to grow when the conditions are ever-changing. For example, it is very rare for a plant to get the right amount of water in nature. However, this not only means getting too little but also getting too much. Optimal moisture is difficult to achieve.

The plant also needs the appropriate amount of heat. Plants need the temperature to be not too cold nor too hot. It is not uncommon that even during midsummer, the most important growing season, there may still be a need for frost protection.

All this is in addition to destructive UV radiation from strong sun and a plant’s fight against pests, weeds and competition from other species. Then there are a wide variety of molds colonising space in the vegetable garden, all of which make it necessary to use several types of pesticides.

It’s amazing how much effort farmers and gardeners have to put in to get their plants to grow and be productive.

Growing plants in the Plantui Garden

Another option for growing plants is to take advantage of the best of nature and remove every harmful element, creating the optimal conditions for plant growth as they would receive from a few warm summer days. This allows for a healthy and high-quality harvest, with good nutritional and vitamin content.

It is these premium properties of nature that have provided guidelines for Plantui’s product development, which makes Plantui the number one choice for indoor cultivation.

The Plantui indoor garden creates the best possible conditions for both plant and gardener:

  • Temperature: room temperature – that which is good for humans, is also good for plants
  • Water: the right amount of water, automatically – neither too dry nor too wet
  • Nutrients: A naturally balanced growth nutrient that takes care of the plant’s balance of minerals and rate of growth
  • Light: a special light that supports photosynthesis, from which harmful wavelengths have been removed – follows the natural variation of sunlight during the growing season, emphasizing the Nordic taste, which increases the vitamin content
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide: The pump recycles water at appropriate times and oxidizes the water to the roots, whilst any human neighbours naturally take care of the carbon dioxide the plant requires.

The Plantui Indoor Garden provides the plant with the perfect conditions to grow in the best possible way. As a result, plants grown in a Plantui are many times tastier and more nutritious than others grown in the wild.

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