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How to grow cherry tomatoes

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In addition to varieties of herbs and lettuce, you can also grow cherry tomatoes in a Plantui garden. To get the best possible results, you should keep these few tricks in mind. Read on to learn how to grow the tastiest cherry tomatoes possible in your Plantui indoor garden.

Choose the right variety

Several varieties of cherry tomatoes will grow tall quite quickly. For a Plantui smart garden, it is therefore important to choose a variety that stays short enough for the plant to grow inside and still develop well. The “Red” cherry tomato and yellow “Venus” varieties found in our selection don’t grow tall, so they are perfect for growing in Plantui’s smart garden.

If you want to use your own cherry tomato seeds, remember to choose a low-growing variety and add 2-3 seeds to each empty seed capsule. Use the empty plant capsules from our selection to get started.

Keep enough space

Regardless of variety, cherry tomatoes will still grow tall. You need 3-5 height blocks so that the cherry tomatoes plants have enough space for them to grow in height.

The red cherry tomato can be grown by placing a capsule in every open slot. The yellow cherry tomato, on the other hand, needs a little more space, so we recommend the larger, six-slot Plantui indoor garden, so that you can grow three plants with a slot between each. Place a piece of cardboard on top of the empty slot openings. This prevents light from entering the device and algae from forming in the water.

Once the seeds have germinated and the seedlings are visible, it is time to add the first block. At the same time, it’s advisable to peek into the seed capsules to check if more than one seed has sprouted, in which case the others should be removed.

Allow enough light

All cherry tomatoes need extra light. The plants can receive additional light to their lower parts with the help of a boosting light block. This light block is best placed at the very bottom section. Additional light is helpful even when slots are left vacant in the device.

Flowering and ripening of tomatoes can be accelerated with a blooming light block. When the first buds appear, this additional light should be activated and placed at the same level. Always keep this light block level with the flowers and fruit, which will ripen later on.

If necessary, the lowest leaves can be pruned if they overshadow the ripe fruit.

You can use a total of five height blocks in your Plantui smart garden. Two of these can be additional light blocks.

Activate flower pollination

When the first flowers open, the plant can be gently shaken by its stem. This will help to release and spread the pollen from flower to flower. You can also use a small brush or cotton swab to dust the pollen around.

The pollination can be repeated every few days, so that every new flower is pollinated.


The ripe tomato comes off with a gentle pull. Remember to keep checking behind the branches and leaves: you may find more treasures waiting to be picked.

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