Light blocks 

Boost growth with Plantui’s light solutions 

In addition to the light hat, our accessories include two different light blocks (which can be used with or instead of height blocks): a boosting light that improves growth, and a blooming light that improves the blossoming of flowering plants. 

The light blocks can replace or be used in conjunction with height blocks. We recommend that you add maximum of five height blocks in the Plantui Smart Garden 6 and maximum of four height blocks in the Plantui Smart Garden 3. Two of the height blocks can be light blocks in both devices. You can also use the boosting and blooming lights at the same time, depending on the needs of the plants. The picture below illustrates installation alternatives. 

All light blocks are compatible with all Plantui Smart Garden indoor gardens. 

Boosting Light Block 

The boosting light block is an excellent accessory for your Plantui indoor garden if you are growing e.g. herbs or green salads, and you want a large crop with fast growth. By adding a boosting light, you can ensure that the lowest leaves of the plants receive enough light.  

Plants that have grown tall and big can quickly shade everything under them. A boosting light fixes this by emitting light evenly on the lower parts of the plants as well. Chili peppers and tomatoes in particular love the boosting light because they grow tall and the innermost leaves tend to shade the outermost and lowest leaves. When the plants get enough light, they become even tastier. 

You can add the boosting light instead of the first normal height block. When you add the second height block, keep the light block as the lowest block and put the normal height block above it. This way you can make sure that the lowest parts of the plants get enough light. 

Blooming Light Block 

The blooming light is designed for plants which bloom and produce fruits. For edible flowers such as snapdragon and violets the blooming light emits optimal light, improving their blooming process. Chili peppers and tomatoes, which like the boosting light, can also benefit from the blooming light. For these plants, the perfect setup has the boosting light as the lowest block and the blooming light as the topmost block. That way the boosting light will give growing strength, and blooming will help on, well, blooming.

The blooming light should be added when the first buds appear. It should be at the same height as the buds, and later the fruits. The blooming light emits a lot of light in the red spectrum which is first vital for blooming and then for the ripening of fruits.  

How to tell the difference between lights

These two lights look about exactly the same, so we have marked the Boosting light with a blue sticker. If the sticker has fallen off, and you have difficulties identifying your light, just send us email and we will help you out.


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