Microgreens tray

Grow microgreens quickly and easily with the Plantui 6 indoor garden

With the help of the Microgreens Tray, you can turn the six-slots of your Plantui 6 indoor garden into an efficient microgreens factory. In the Plantui device, microgreens grow quickly, becoming edible in 1-2 weeks, and with no need for any soil.

The Microgreens Tray is an accessory, which is installed in place of the standard plant tray in the Plantui 6 indoor garden. The Microgreens Tray is divided into four different sections. In our microgreens packages, you’ll find four smaller bags. Pour the contents of of one of the small bags into one section. With one microgreens package, you can either choose to fill the entire tray full, or grow a different microgreen variety in each section. You’ll find five different varieties of microgreens in our selection: broccoli, pak choi, red cabbage, radish and salad rocket.

Once the seeds have been poured into the tray, add a height block to the Plantui device and then start the pump manually by holding your hand on the light hat for 15-20 seconds. Make sure that water can rise up to the seed tray. If the water doesn’t rise enough, check that the tray is properly in place.

If you have an older Plantui device with a grey water tray, check the number of pairs of holes in the tray. If the tray has four pairs of holes (a total of eight holes), either buy a new water tray or close two pairs of holes by sealing them with tape. Taping the holes prevents water from draining out of the tray too quickly, allowing it to rise high enough to reach the Microgreens Tray.

If water moves the seeds into a cluster, you can spread them a little. However, do not move the seeds after the pumping begins as you might damage them.

After pumping, place the transparent covers that came with the package on top of the seeds. Leave the cover in place for the first couple of days, i.e. until the seeds have begun to sprout. Then remove the covers and allow the shoots to grow without them.

Each microgreens variety yields one crop. The crop is harvested by cutting the microgreens from a height of about 1 cm from their roots.

When the microgreens have been consumed, wash the seed tray. It is not necessary to change the water after each round of cultivation, as a new bag of seeds can be sown and grown immediately afterwards. Wash the indoor garden and water as and when required.

You can find the microgreens tray from our shop – here


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