Pre-grow Tray

Pre-growing plants with the Plantui indoor garden

You can convert your Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden into a plant nursery with the separate pre-grow tray.  

A head start for the spring

By using Plantui’s pre-grow tray with 12 slots, you can start the growing season at least a month early as compared to growing plants on your windowsill.  

It’s up to you to decide when the pre-growing should start. Plantui’s smart indoor garden creates springlike conditions that the seeds need, whenever suitable for you. Grow the seedlings and transplant them to your greenhouse or potting garden when the weather gets warmer. The Plantui device takes good care of your plants until then. 

The Plantui indoor garden is perfect as a plant nursery for many reasons: 

  • The smart Plantui ensures that your plants get the right amount of light, water and nutrients all the time. Everything that a little plant can wish for! 
  • Thanks to Plantui’s light, the seedlings don’t need to grow a tall and weak stem to reach the first rays of the spring sun. Seedlings grown in the Plantui indoor garden are strong and sturdy, because instead of trying to find the light they focus on growing strong roots and thriving. 
  • Seedlingrequire gentle and balanced care – exactly what they get in a Plantui garden. The automatic watering system makes sure that your seedlings get the right amount of nutrients and water.  

When it’s time for the seedlings to leave the nest, remember this: 

Before transplanting to a greenhouse or potting garden, cut off the plastic parts of the plant capsule. The rockwool capsule can be left in place. It will decompose and also protect the roots during transplantation and after planting. 

When transplanting plants outdoors, keep in mind that they are not used to sunlight. You should let them get used to sunlight during the first week or two by 

  • placing them outside or in a greenhouse without UV-protection. When planting, cover the plants with a thin fabric for a week or two. 
  • putting the seedlings planted in pots and putting the pots outside for an hour or two at a time, before taking them back inside.  

Transplanting is always a bit stressful for the plants. You can make the process easier by watering the plants for 1-2 weeks with water containing Plantui’s nutrient solution that the plants are already familiar with. Use the same proportions as before: one measuring spoon in one litre of water.

The plants grow fast in the Plantui garden, so you can grow more seedlings all through the spring and summer.

What can I pre-grow in the Plantui garden?

You can use the Plantui to pre-grow any plants in our plant selection or try with your own seeds with the Experimental Kit. 

The Pre-grow tray is compatible with the Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden. 

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