Downloadable Plantui Plant Guide

Plantui Plant-guide – for all gardeners

Hi urban gardener! We wrote a small guide for you about all Plantui plants and how to take care of them – and then some!

In this guide we’ll tell you what sort of thing you can grow in your smart garden, and how Plantui will adapt to the needs of your plants while they grow. We tell you when to add height blocks, and describe how Plantui changes it’s watering rhythm based on the amount of those height blocks. After studying this booklet, you know how to select plants which go&grow well together, and what kind of caretaking they need. You’ll also learn to cut and harvest your plants.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this!

Ps. There will be a reward at the end of this guide! (check the back cover 😉 )


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Download a PDF copy and read it later

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