Growth times

Different plants grow at different rates


Growth of the plants is affected primarily by four factors: light, water, temperature and nutrients.

Each plant species has its own requirements for its growing environment. Some plants grow slower, some faster. The plants also need different amounts of space. Our plants description in the website includes rate of growth (slow, medium and fast) and size (small, medium, tall and big) making it easy to select compatible plants. When you grow plants with similar growth rate and size the Plantui indoor garden ensures an optimal amount of light and water for the category.

For best results, select plants with the same growth rate  


You will achieve the best result if you combine plants which have similar growth cycles. This will give you the best crop and your plants will thrive. When the plants grow at the same rate, they do not steal space from one another. There is enough space and light for every plant.  


Growth times 

All our plants have their first leaves coming out from the plugs in 1-3 weeks from planting. Salads are usually fast, and their leaves will appear already in the first week, herbs will take a little longer, and edible flowers & fruits plants will take the longer, up to the 3rd week.

The growth rate varies between plants species and during the growth process. You may notice some plants initially growing faster than others, but then seeing the slower plants eventually catch up. In order to make sure that slower growing plants get enough light, we recommend that you use a boosting light block instead of a normal height block.

Our plants are described as slow, medium pace and fast growers in their description page. This can help you selecting which plants to grow together; selecting plants with same growth rate you ensure that all the plants get enough light and prevents faster-growing plants from dominating slower-growing varieties. You can, however, combine plant with different speed, just make sure that they all get light!  You can help your slower and smaller plants getting enough light by placing them next two each other in your garden (ideally use 2 of the same species next to each other) and by pruning and start to use the fast and bigger plants early enough.

There are also differences in growth rate between seeds of the same plant, this is perfectly normal, as each seed is a bit different from the other. Sdon’t worry if the plants take longer to grow than expected. That´s just how mother nature does it!


Plants that can be grown together 


Fast-growing plants 

Plants that grow fast include most of the salads varieties. Try out the wasabi mustard or watercress as a different type of seasoning for your food. Or use lovage as a healthy replacement for salt in your soup. 

Here are some recommendations of something new to try:  

  • Komatsuna: an exotic Asian leaf vegetable. Use the same way as you would use lettuce. 
  • Lovage: a great substitute for salt to add flavour to your food! 
  • Fringed Red: beautiful mustard plant that tastes like Dijon. 
  • Garden Cress: has a lovely peppery taste!  

 See all our salads here


Plants with average growing time 

This growth category includes all our basil varieties and many other classic herbs, such as sage and coriander.  

  • Dill: an absolute classic with strong taste. 
  • Sage: try it with pasta!
  • LemonBasil: add it as a twist in your drinks or be brave and try it with fish. 
  • SpicyBasil: extra taste for true basil fanatics!  

See all our herbs here. Note that some herbs takes a bit longer than basil to be ready, keep on reading to find out more.


Slowly growing plants 

This plant category includes some gorgeous varieties. Some can grow very tall so a light block may be required. The light blocks ensure plants also get enough light to the lower and inner parts, increasing the plant’s well-being and taste.  This category includes also beautiful flowers. 

  • Shiso: an Asian herb that grows very tall. 
  • Violets: edible flowers to sprinkle on your dessert. 
  • Blood Sorrel: a beautiful plant with a tangy, sour taste. 
  • Thyme: great in garlic dip. 

See all our herbs (average and slowly growers) here, and our edible flowers here


Chili peppers & tomatoes 

Plantui is a quick way to grow tomatoes. They can start to produce fruit two to three months after sowing (a fast pace for tomato plant). The red tomato is small and beautiful.
We suggest to grow only few tomatoes and chili in one indo
or garden and combine them with other plants. 

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