How to store the seeds 

Seeds love airtight spaces, so keep in them in small plastic bags and seal them well. Refrigerators and freezers* and are the best places for storing seeds. 

* Be careful not to thaw and refreeze seeds because moisture builds up as the seed thaws. When the seed freezes again, the water expands and damages the tissue. 

Before you sow the seeds, let them thaw and keep them in room temperature for a couple of days so the temperature stabilises. 

The plant capsules can also be stored in a dry, dark and cool place with an even temperature. 

How long do the seeds keep? 

If stored correctly, our seeds can be kept for at least two years (except violets, which last a year). 

Try to use the seeds before the best-before date visible on the product package. A seeds’ likelihood of germination decreases over time, however most of the seeds should still germinate after two years if they have been stored well. 

What if the seeds I bought will never start to grow?  

We give our seeds a 100% guarantee – if they do not grow, contact our customer service and we will send you new seeds. Remember to always check that the seeds are at the bottom of the plant capsule (smaller ones can get stuck on the sticker).

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