How to maintain and clean the Plantui device

Keeping your Plantui indoor garden clean 


We recommend that you always clean your Plantui indoor garden after harvesting once you’ve utilised the plants completely. Don’t add new capsules until you have thoroughly cleaned the device.  

We recommend that the pump is cleaned every month. Make sure that there are no roots or dirt in the pump. Use a cloth to wipe the parts clean.  

The Naked Smart Garden indoor garden needs to be washed a bit more often because the water bowl is transparent. The transparent bowl lets in more sunlight which makes the device more prone to the formation of algae than the closed devices. You can reduce the need for maintenance by purchasing a separate white plant tray that comes as standard with the other devices. 


Washing the Plantui indoor garden 


Water bowls, water trays and plant trays  


Wash normally with washing-up liquid or in a dishwasher at maximum of 55 degrees centigrade. Limescale build-up can also be removed with a scouring pad or by using citric acid and forcing the pump into operation. 



Light hat, height blocks, pump and power supply

Clean by wiping with a damp cloth.  

Assemble the device after washing it but do not add the plant capsules yet if you also intend to clean the device with citric acid. 

If there are any persistent spots of limescale, you can remove them with citric acid or by rubbing with a scouring pad, sponge or rough mesh. 


Cleaning the Plantui indoor garden with citric acid 

The combination of tap water and nutrients can cause limescale build-up in the pump and on plastic parts. Citric acid is a natural solution for removing limescale. 

  1. Add one litre of warm water and 5 ml of citric acid to the device.  
  2. Assemble the device normally.  
  3. Force the pump to start:  
  • Plantui 6: hold your hand on the light hat for about 16-20 seconds until the pump starts and the light turns blue during pumping.
  • Plantui 3: press the button under the light hat for 16-20 seconds until the pump starts and the light turns green during pumping. 

When the pumping is done, take the device apart and pour the water down the drain. Rinse the parts that tolerate water under running water and re-assemble the device.

If needed, you can let the citric acid do its work for a few hours before rinsing.

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