The pump and maintenance

The water pump is an essential part of the operation of the Plantui indoor garden, as it makes sure that the plants get the right amount of water at regular intervals. The pump operates one to seven times a day depending on the growth stage of the plant:

Germination stage/no height block: pumps once a day for two minutes. 

One height block: pumps twice a day for one minute at a time. 

Two or more height blocks: pumps seven times a day for one minute at a time. 

The pumping is scheduled to operate when the lights of the device are onThe device pumps for the first time two hours after its 8-hour sleep. 

We recommend that the pump of the Plantui indoor garden is maintained once a month. Detach the pump from the lock unit and wipe it clean. Check also that there is no dirt or blockages in the pump, like roots for example, which can break the pump.

The pump needs to be cleaned at the latest when it starts to sound different or it loses its pumping efficiency.  

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