What is a Plantui indoor garden?

An easy start to indoor gardening – The Plantui Smart Indoor Garden 


At Plantui, we’ve taken great care to research everything related to indoor gardening, from plant science to light, nutrients and technology. We’ve used all this knowledge to build the best possible indoor garden for you, utilising hydroponics and creating a device that is easy to use and beautiful to look at.  

Plantui is a smart indoor garden that takes care of the hard part of gardeningallowing you to pleasure in this rewarding activity. Anyone can become a gardener thanks to the Plantui garden. Wgive a 100% guarantee that your plants will grow. 

Plantui has been issued two worldwide patents related to the indoor garden device as well as the method for cultivation. 

Plantui is a device packed full of intelligent design that plants just love. The Plantui indoor garden gives plants the optimal amount of light, nutrients and water. Plantui utilises hydroponics, so there’s no need to get your fingers dirty – even the watering is automatic! With its carefully designed details, the Plantui device is the ideal home for plants, helping them to grow tastier and more nutritious than any plants available in the supermarket. 


Benefits of the Plantui indoor garden  


  • Fresh local superfood all year round. 
  • Automatic and easy to use. The device takes care of all light and watering needs. 
  • Higher nutrient values. Plantui devices grow plants that contain up to 4 times more vitamins than plants sold in supermarkets.
  • No pesticides or other additives – 100% natural food. 
  • Light optimised for plants. The growth of the plants depends largely on the amount of light, which is why Plantui has developed growing lights designed especially for plants.  
  • Optimal amount of water. The device not only controls light but also pumps water at intervals to support phases of growth. 
  • A beautifully decorative lighting feature for your home. 
  • Aesthetic Nordic design. A Plantui device really catches the eye, whether in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or at the office. Functionality is never compromised. 
  • Ecological. The material of the device is 100% recyclable and the device is energy efficient. Easily minimisde food waste with Plantui. Even the carbon print of the plants is smaller than for plants sold in supermarkets. 
  • Thanks to additional accessories, the indoor garden is designed to grow with your needsThis makes it suitable for growing plants in many different ways. 
  • Plant growth is guaranteed. Wwill be happy to help you with any questions about plants and growing recommendations. 


Intelligent light is good for plants  


The wavelength and intensity of light from the light-hat changes according to the growth phase of the plant.  

During the germination phase, seeds require a little less light, with wavelengths in the purple spectrum. This supports germination and the development of the plant into a seedling. 

During the growth phaseplants need a lot of light especially within the blue spectrum (similar to sunlight in the north). This supports growth and the formation of taste, vitamins and antioxidants. 

Plantui’s light solutions are designed for one task and one task only – to produce the right kind of light in the

optimal amount for plants to grow. With a small adjustment we have taken into consideration human comfort as well, creating a more pleasant white light through the additional green spectrum. 

Plantui owners can enjoy the pleasure of gardening, the beauty of plants as well as fresh, healthy and tasty food, all at the same timeThrough the love of nature, Plantui seeks to increase your well-being with a little help from our green friends. 

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