Which Plantui indoor garden should I choose? 

There are two models of Plantui indoor gardens to choose from, Plantui Smart Garden 3 and Plantui Smart Garden 6. The biggest difference between the gardens is the size of the device and the number of plants that can be grown.  


Plantui Smart Garden 3 


  • Slots for three plants. 
  • Colour options: white or the Moomin Garden (red and white). 
  • Suitable for all plants in the Plantui seed selection (except Microgreens) as well as for growing your own plants. 



Plantui Smart Garden 6


  • Slots for six plants. 
  • Colour options: white, red and grey. 
  • Suitable for all plants in the Plantui seed selection as well as growing your own plants from seed. With the use of accessories, the device is also suitable for growing microgreens and seedlings. 


Select your Plantui indoor garden according to your growing needs. The Plantui Smart Garden 3 is a good choice if you don’t have much space or don’t consume large amounts of herbs and lettuce. The Plantui Smart Garden 6 gives you many options for growing different plants and the crop is plentiful. The Plantui Smart Garden 6 can also be used for growing microgreens and  seedlings. 

Many Plantui-users have ended up using both!