Plantui Story

Bright Idea Emerges From Pitch Black.

Plantui’s concept was born out of love for plants and organic growing – however, this process demanded darkness, coldness, and just a dash of Finnish madness.

The winters in Finland are dark – extremely dark – and cold. In the Northern parts of Finland, the sun does not rise above the horizon at all, and even in the South, the sun is out only for a few hours. During the Summer, everything is reversed; there is plenty of sunlight, and even enough warmth to go around.

In Winter 2013, the nowadays CTO of Plantui Kari Vuorinen was thinking how to enable growing plants year-round, even during the darkest days. He had also learned about a new research that had proven that the Northern blue light spectrums produces especially tasty and vitamin rich crops. From this thought process, Plantui, an indoor garden utilizing nature’s genuine ecological path and the unique Northern blue light, was born.

In cooperation with the University of Tromsø, the northernmost university in the world and with high technology, we created a hydroponic ecosystem that matches that of the Northern nature. An ecosystem with the same light spectrum as the light days of the North, and a plant growth system that both dries and moisturizes the plant roots optimally, with automated pump. Consequently, we also developed Plantui’s own, natural nutrient that enables a soil-free and, above all, ecological aquaculture.

Furthermore, Scandinavian design has been important for us from the start. According to the best teachings of Scandinavian design, practicality and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive; these aspects go hand in hand, and both clear lines and the practicality of the product make the product easy for the eyes and hands. This unique design was globally recognized when Plantui received the well known Reddot Design Award.

Doing Good for the People and the Planet

Today, Plantui’s mission is to do good for the people and the planet by promoting health and wellness and looking after the Earth according to sustainable values. The product life cycle is naturally long because of the modular design and when the product comes to the end of its life, all parts are 100% recyclable. By growing your own herbs in Plantui you will also be part of the doing-good-movement and decrease your CO2 footprint. (Read more Sustainability and corporate responsibility – article)

Plantui’s plant capsules are manufactured in Salo, Finland by Kolmituote, a non-profit company owned by the city of Salo together with a few organizations and municipalities. The business idea of our partner is to promote and support the employment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. The collaboration between Plantui and Kolmituote began already in 2015 and has been fruitful ever since. Today we have expanded the relationship to also cover our e-com logistics. This way the plant capsules don’t travel any unnecessary miles.

Our patented Plantui technology is also used by other companies, like Bosch in their Smart Indoor Gardens. All Bosch Indoor Garden beauties use ecological Plantui plant capsules. Bosch SmartGrow 3 and Bosch SmartGrow 6 are also fully compatible with all Plantui accessories

Plantui’s high-quality products and responsible ideology are the core of our operations. When you choose Plantui, you make a decision you can be proud of now and forever!


Welcome to the world of Plantui!

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