Plantui Affiliate program

Would you like to build a greener future, whilst making money at the same time?


If so, we welcome you to join our team as an affiliate partner.


Plantui affiliate partner programs

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting the products of a company. With Plantui, this means that we support our fans and partners to promote our products to their friends and social media followers. You are free to select your own preferred media and type of promotion. It can be blog posts about Plantui, social media updates, or you can just tell about Plantui to your co-workers at your workplace cafeteria. There is no predefined format for this. And of course – we will be there all the time helping you with your Plantui-life and affiliate activities.

Our Affiliate program has three levels:

  1. Plantui Owner
  2. Plantui Influencer
  3. Plantui Ambassador

All these levels have the same principle – You will receive a discount code which you can share with your friends/followers, and all the sales made with that discount code will generate commission to your affiliate account. The level of discount and commission is dependent on the affiliate program level which you are on.

When you join our Affiliate program, your starting level will be agreed together with you. Also, when you become more familiar with Plantui, and your affiliate work starts to grow – we are happy to promote you to the next level on our program.


Plantui Owner

If you are both a happy Plantui owner and a wizz at growing plants, you’ll no doubt have a desire to share your hobby with others. We are looking for active, green-fingered, passionate Plantui people, who want to inspire others to live greener lives.

As a Plantui Owner partner

  • You will receive a code for a 15% discount in our online store
  • When someone uses your code in the Plantui online store, you also receive a 15% commission for the purchases made.


Plantui Influencer

Are you an influencer as well as having an interest in hobby gardening, healthy food or superb tech innovations (like Plantui)? Are these things also of interest to your followers? If so, then we want to hear more about you, your channel, and your ideas!

As a Plantui Influencer partner

  • You will receive a Plantui Smart Garden device along with plant capsules
  • You have access to our entire range of plants, as well as all the device accessories
  • You will receive a code for a 20% discount in our online store
  • When someone uses your code in the Plantui online store, you also receive a 20% commission for the purchases made.


Plantui Ambassador

Are you already a more experienced affiliate with a bigger audience? Perhaps you want to suggest a different kind of cooperation?

For our Plantui Ambassador partners, we’re more than willing to negotiate on a case-by-case basis, both on the content of the cooperation, as well as the fees and discounts available.


Get in touch to find out more!

Email us at and we’ll be in contact with you.

You can also contact us on our instagram account.

Every passionate gardener is successful with Plantui. Let’s get to know each other more and grow the world green together!