Bosch licensing Plantui technology

BSH Group, part of the Bosch Group, strengthens collaboration with Plantui in smart indoor gardening

28.08.2020 Turku

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers and the company behind Bosch home appliances, and Finnish startup Plantui have enhanced their partnership with the goal of bringing consumers even more innovative solutions for indoor gardening.

“The recent changes in the world have further spurred the grow-your-own food movement and urban citizens are looking for sustainable solutions for gardening indoors. Hydroponic, “no-soil”, “no pesticides” solution is one of them. With no natural light needed and automated technology to help those with no green thumb it provides a perfect opportunity to be a little self-sufficient”, says Piia Maaranen, CEO of Plantui.

“The technology has been developed in Finland and has successfully been tested in 30,000 Plantui-manufactured consumer devices. It is a great milestone for the company to have Bosch recognizing the value of the technology and our collaboration,” continues Maaranen.

Plantui’s technology is based on LED lights with specified light algorithms which replicate the light of Finnish Lapland. With a special photon stream to optimize the photosynthesis, plants produce more green mass and a higher level of nutrients. Together with an automated growth method, Plantui’s technology is a strong base for developing indoor garden solutions of all sizes including larger scale vertical farms.

Global patents: Ratified in US, Canada and China
Device for Hydroponic Cultivation WO/2015/144815
Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Method WO/2015/144812

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