Pruning the plants for use  

When the plants begin to produce crops, it is time to prune them. Use as much of the plant as you need and let it keep growing. You can harvest the same plant many times. For example, one plant of Plantui’s basil can yield up to ten pots of supermarket-bought basil. 

The plants can be divided into two main groups in terms of pruning and harvestingplants that are pruned from the top and plants that are pruned from the base.   

The plants that are pruned from the top include plants with stems and pairs of leaves. They are harvested by pinching the plant from the top; either the topmost pair of leaves or a few pairs near the top. Be sure to leave at least one pair on the plant. Some plants produce plentiful crops and can be pruned generously each time. 

Plants that are pruned from the base include plants that grow as rosettes. These are pruned by cutting off the outermost leaves at the petiole close to the stem. New growth occurs in the middle of the plant.

Our selection also includes plants which don’t require pruning. They are, for example, plants that bear fruit for harvesting. These plants include cherry tomatoes, edible flowers and chili peppers. They need to be occasionally shaken gently to ensure pollination as the plant blooms. 

Taking care of your plants

Once you have connected your Plantui indoor garden and the plant capsules are growing, you just need to wait for the miracle of growth. 

The Plantui Smart Garden takes care of optimising the water, light and nutrients, but there are still some small gardening jobs left for you to do once in a while.  

In practice, the maintenance of the Plantui indoor garden requires the following:  

  • Adding water and nutrients
  • Adding height blocks  
  • Cutting roots that have grown too long 
  • Frequent harvesting of the crop 

Read below to see how you can take the best care of your Plantui garden. 

Maintenance instructions 

It’s easy to look after Plantui plants:  

  1. Add a height block or prune the plants when they reach the light hat. 
  2. Add water plus the plant nutrient that came with the plants about every two weeks. Check the water level every week in the smaller P3 device and at least every two weeks in the bigger P6 device. 
  3. Prune and use the plants as they grow. Also, cut the roots when they grow too long.  
  4. Wash the water bowl, pump and tray after every growth cycle*.  


*We recommend three months as a growth cycle. The cycle is longer with some plants because of their natural growth rate.  


Adding height blocks  

When the plant has germinated and the first leaves have appeared on top of the plant capsule, it is time to add the first height block. This can be the height block that came with the device or an additional boosting light block available to purchase as an accessory.  

When the plants get close to the light hat, you need to add another height block. If the plants have grown big, this could be the right time to harvest and reduce the size of the plants. This means additional height blocks won’t be necessary.  

Height blocks change the light and watering 

The Plantui is a smart indoor garden. This means it changes the light and water frequency automatically to suit each growth stage (depending on the height and boosting light blocks). Without a height block the smart garden emits purple light suitable for germination. The height blocks change the light settings automatically, intensifying and combining the lights in order to improve the photosynthesis of the plant.  

Green wave lengths are added to the light, with the aesthetic result of pleasant lighting for the eyes. Plantui’s growth light is modelled after the northern sunlight in order to generate a combination of good taste, high levels of vitamins and trace elements in the plant. 

Even the watering frequency changes as height blocks are added. Without a height block the smart garden waters the germinating plants twice a day for two minutes at a time. With one height block the plants get water twice a day for one minute at a time. With three or more height blocks the pump starts seven times a day for one minute at a time.   


Adding water  

You can check the water level by lifting the plant tray and plants and peeking inside the water bowl. If needed, add water but only up to the line. You can also add water and nutrient through the watering hole. 

Remember when adding water to also add plant nutrient – one spoonful per litre. A measuring spoon of 2 g (1.5 ml) comes with the device.  

If there is no water at all, the device will blink blue (Plantui 6) or violet (Plantui 3) light. The water pump also makes a louder noise when there’s insufficient water. If water is not added at all, the device will eventually shut down completely. This prevents the device from breaking or overheating when water runs out.  


When you add water, check if the roots have grown too long. Roots that reach the water bowl can easily be cut shorter to avoid entering and breaking the pump.   

Plant nutrient  

The secret behind the delicious taste and fast growth rate of Plantui’s plants is a carefully selected, naturally balanced plant nutrient, in addition to the utilisation of light and hydroponic technology.  

Plantui’s plant nutrient consists of all the substances that a plant needs, such as nitrogen, calcium and magnesium. In hydroponic gardening, the nutrients are readily available for the plants in the nutrient solution. This makes it easier for them to be absorbed by plants. Plantui’s plant nutrient is designed in cooperation with Finnish hydroponics experts and is suitable for all Plantui plants.  

Adjusting lights and vacation mode 

Switching lights on and off 


Plantui 6: Pass your hand over the light hat to switch it on or off. 

Plantui 3: Press the button under the light hat to switch it on or off.


Timer for sleeping 

The lights in a Plantui indoor garden are on for 16 hours a day. After
that, the lights are switched off for eight hours. It is completely up to you to decide at which time you want the lights and the pump to be turned off.  

Plantui 6: keep your hand over the light hat until the lights blink and turn off. From now on the Plantui will go to sleep at this time. 

Plantui 3: press the button under the light hat until the lights blink and turn off. From now on the Plantui will go to sleep at this time. 

When the lights turn on again, the pump will remain silent for another two hours. Now you can wake up with your Plantui and enjoy a peaceful morning.

The timer settings can be changed at any point by switching off the light at the desired time.  


Vacation mode 


When you go on a trip and need the plants to use less water and grow slower, you can use the vacation mode. Remember to trim the plants before your trip so they don’t grow up to the light source.

When the Plantui smart garden is set to vacation mode, it regulates growth by providing light at a controlled rate. The light turns purple and the intensity is considerably decreasedEven the watering frequency changes. During vacation mode the Plantui’s pump operates four times a day for one minute at a time. The device needs at least one height block for the vacation mode to work correctly. 

Plantui 6: Keep you hand over the light hat for 10 seconds until the light turns purple. 

Plantui 3: Press the button in the lower part of the light hat for 10 seconds until the light turns purple. 

Add water and nutrients if required. NB! Do not add water above the maximum line in the bowl. 

Put the device back to normal mode by passing your hand over the light hat (Plantui 6) or pressing the button once (Plantui 3).