Plants Help People

Did you know that growing plants can prolong your attention span? Or relieve stress and anxiety? In general, it has been shown that we as human beings feel happier and more optimistic with plants around us.

Plantui’s core values reflect not only a passion for plants, but an awareness of their real-world benefits. Experiencing the happiness, learning, and growth of an indoor garden better prepares us for a fast-paced world outside. Fresh, super-nutritious microgreens on your morning toast is not a solution for everything, but it is a good start to a healthy day.

Health & Community

Plantui has been designed to help you learn and explore the interesting world of greens. Between our Smart Indoor Gardens and Smart Microgreens you can grow a wide selection of kitchen herbs, edible flowers, and various salads in easy to use capsules. A range of fast-growing microgreen seeds can support your daily intake of homegrown superfoods.

Our in-house biologists, greenhouse experts, and tech gurus are continuously working toward finding new and interesting greens and optimal growth environments for a healthier and sustainable life and we love hearing feedback from Plantui users. Recently they’ve helped us co-develop the Cherry Tomato Seed Capsule together. Join our community and share your experience so we can all grow together!

Putting Green into Urban Life

The approach we take to continuous product development demonstrates the value of simplicity, quality, and technology. We value ease and constantly drive the development of better, more impactful, and more sustainable solutions and products for big-city gardeners. Smart Microgreens, launched in November 2019, is a great example of how nature, with a little understanding, can match the urban pace. With Smart Microgreens you’ll grow your own superfoods in just one week!

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