The technical details are listed on the product pages of each Plantui model.
The Plantui Light Unit™ consists of special LED lights (3 for each plant) that create just the right spectrum and amount of light for the plants to grow.
No, the lights are not on all the time. Plants need rest, as well. Set the sleep timer of your Plantui 6 Smart Garden™ like this: place your hand over the light unit for 3 seconds, until the lights blink. The device will go to sleep for 8 hours and starts automatically repeating the rhythm at the same time each day.
The light coming from a Plantui Smart Garden™ is safer than sunlight because it does not contain any UV radiation. It is recommended not to stare directly into the light, as they are very powerful.
In the first phase (germination) the Light Unit™ is in lowest position and then lights are pink. When plants grow to be over 1-2 cm you place the first height block. The colour of the light will change to more white, very beautiful mode. Device will take care of the best light spectrums for plants in different phases.
A LED light should last over 50 000 hours, so this is not a typical problem. However, if you find yourself in the situation where you need to replace one or more LED lights, simply contact your nearest Plantui Smart Garden™ dealer to replace the defective lights.
No, the LED lights from a Plantui Smart Garden™ cannot replace the light bulbs used for light therapy. They are designed to optimize the growth process of the plants, so they do not have the same effect as sunlight. However, watching your plants grow under the lights can put you in a good mood and make you feel energetic.
When the blue LED lights of Plantui 6 are blinking, it either means that the water level in the tank is low or that the pump is loose. You can check the water level by lifting the handles.
If you have any problems with the Light Unit of your Plantui 6 Smart Garden, you can reboot the computer inside the Light Unit by unplugging it for at least 10 hours. Then plug it in and reset the sleep timer.
The pump in a Plantui Garden Smart™ pumps water to the plant roots between 1 to 7 times per day. The process lasts for 30 seconds to 2,5 minutes (45 dB). Usually the pumping is very silent, but if it becomes too noisy, it is an indication that there is too little water in the water tank. Check the water level in the bowl.
Plantui 6 & 3: First clean the pump as shown in these videos: (old model) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN_aUqAWNEQ (new model) https://youtu.be/JHKIZE93eHc  You can buy a spare part pump for Plantui 6 & 3 in the Accessories page. For spare parts during warranty time please contact: hi@plantui.com. Plantui 3 & Moomin Garden older models: try changing a battery. If that doesn’t help, please contact: hi@plantui.com.
You can wash the pump by hand. If the pump is not working well, you can clean the inner parts like shown in these videos: Old model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN_aUqAWNEQ&feature=youtu.be and new model  https://youtu.be/JHKIZE93eHc 
No, there is no difference between the two Plantui Height Blocks ™. When the plants are about 1-2 cm high, simply place the first Plantui Height Block™ between the plant tray and the Light Unit™.
Use can use up to 5 Height Blocks™ if needed. Plantui 6 & 3e Smart Garden includes 2 pcs. Purchase more from Accessories page if needed.
No, the Plantui Smart Garden™ is CE-inspected and uses only 12 V low voltage. It is thus not possible to get an electric shock from it.
You can place your Plantui Smart Garden™ almost anywhere in your home. Plantui Smart Garden™ does not need sunlight, and it can be therefore placed in your hallway, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or wherever you might find it suitable. It is not recommended to place Plantui Smart Garden™ under direct sunlight, as the Light Unit™ is already providing the plants with the exact amount of light they need. Too much sunlight could cause the plants to dry out. Also it's not recommended to place Plantui Smart Garden™ near radiators or air-conditioning equipment. Plants don't like draught or dry air.
No, Plantui Smart Garden™ is designed for indoor use. It is not resistant to sunlight, harsh temperature changes or rain.
We recommend washing the components of the devices after each harvest (app every 6-12 weeks). The bowl, the water tray and the plant tray are all dishwasher safe (max 55 °C).
You can purchase most spare parts directly on our website, from the Accessories page. Remember that Plantui Smart Garden have 2 years warranty.
We sell all our products on our own web shop.

Water & Nutrients

When you begin the germination process with a Plantui 6, you must add 3 liters of water and 3 Plantui spoonfuls of plant nutrients. This amound will last for a few weeks (depending on the plant type). The Light Unit™ will blink blue (as a sign of warning) and thus signal that it is time to add more water and nutrients. Later you will have to add water about once a week. When you add water, always remember to mix Plantui nutrients (1 spoonful of nutrients to 1 liter of water) with it.
Lift up the watering unit to see how much water there is left in the bowl. Don't exceed the water limit line inside the bowl.
The measuring ratio is always 1 Plantui spoonfuls Plantui nutrients to 1 liter of water.
Yes, Plantui nutrients should be always added when adding water. Nutrients are necessary for the plants' growth process.
No, the nutrients for the Plantui Smart Garden™ are specifically designed for the intelligent irrigation system of this hydroponic device. Other forms of nutrients require soil in order to function optimally, and they can be detrimental to the water pump in the Plantui Smart Garden™. The use of other nutrients in Plantui Smart Garden™ affects the 2-year warranty of the device. The warranty is only valid if you use Plantui nutrients as we have described in the instructions.
The nutrients are of course not intended for humans or animals, but for plants. However, nothing will happen if your dog has been drinking from the water tank. The nutrients mixed with water are not dangerous, as all the ingredients of the nutrients are natural. Due to the added nutrients, the water becomes salty, similar to salt water.
Plantui nutrients are made exclusively of natural ingredients. Our nutrient mix consist only of the essential nutrients plants need (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper and molybdenum).
No, that cannot really be said. Plantui Smart Garden™ is a closed ecosystem, but plant are evaporating water, which is good for the indoor climate.
Yes, you can use the Plantui nutrient with all Plantui plants. We have carefully chosen the nutrient to fit the needs of all the plants that we have in our selection.
Our nutrient mix consist only of the essential nutrients plants need (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper and molybdenum). These nutrients come from the nature: either from the air or through mining. In hydroponics, such as Plantui Smart Garden, all of the essential nutrients are added into water. Organic fertilizers cannot be used in hydroponic gardening, because the organic fertilizers need special soil-bound bacteria to break down the organic compounds into inorganic substances plants can consume. There’s no soil-bound bacteria in pure hydroponic gardening, like the Plantui Smart Garden. That's why we give the nutrients to the plants in the form they can directly use.

Plants & Plant Capsules

Plantui Plant Capsules should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Cool room temperature is good, but refrigerator is even better. If you have opened a package, close it well because the seeds might get damaged by air humidity.
The Plant Capsule sticker should be removed very gently from the capsule. Remove the inner circle of the sticker covering the hole, the rest of the sticker can remain as it is. It’s good to be careful when removing the capsule stickers, so that the seeds don’t fall out or get attached to the sticker. If the seeds are stuck on the sticker, you can just pick them and put them back in the capsule. If the seeds are in the capsule hole, but not growing for some reason, you can just drop a few drops of water directly into the hole, that usually wakes the seeds up.
Plants differ in their growth process, the germination phase thus varies from plant to plant, but on average plants will germinate between 4 days to 2 weeks after planting. The fastest plants are ready to be harvested after four weeks. We recommend to harvest the plants 2-3 months after sowing at the latest. Then you can plant new Plantui Plant Capsules™. Remember to grow plants from the same growth group together.
The information on when to start consuming herbs and salads (Harvesting) is indicated on each Plant Capsule™ package.
On a general basis, both the leaves and stems of a plant are edible. In edible flowers the flowers can of course be eaten, but if a herb starts to produce flowers, they are edible too.
You can of course replant the sprouts in soil, but you should be aware that they can be very delicate at the beginning. The roots and the capsule should be covered with soil. The seedling need air and light. The plants are not used to natural light, and thus need to be covered during the first few days in order to get their roots deep enough in the soil. The plants from a Plantui Smart Garden™ are used to living under optimal, but quite different lightning conditions and receiving water from an intelligent irrigation system, hence switching to soil can be a big challenge for them.
Yes, you can buy the Experimental Kit here.
You should treat your dog as if they have eaten soil or peat.
Plantui Plant Capsules™ are made of Lava stone (Basalt) wool, which does not decompose. You can dispose of them in your normal household garbage. If you prefer recycling, you can mix the content of used plant capsules with soil. They improve the physical quality of soil.
Plantui Plant Capsules™ are made of pure Lava stone wool, which does not bring any insects with it. If you find insects in your plants, they have spread from other plants or from outside. Harvest your plants and clean your device well. Take a few days break in growing and then start again with new Plant Capsules.
No, Plantui Smart Garden™ contains no soil, and will therefore not spread mold spores or soil bacteria in the air. However, Plantui Smart Garden™ should be cleaned after each harvest (approximately every 2 or 3 months), so new plants will get a fresh start in a clean device.
You can eat your salads and herbs for about a week after you have harvested them, if they are kept in an airtight environment in a refrigerator. Flowers should be used during the same day. You can also dry or freeze both your herbs and edible flowers for later use.
No, it is safe to eat all our plants, unless you are already allergic to certain herbs or plants.
You can plant your personal favorites in your Plantui Smart Garden™ by using the empty capsules of the Experimental Kit. When you plant your own seeds in a Plantui Smart Garden™, you do it at your own risk, because not all plants grow well in hydroponic indoor gardening. Feel free to experiment! If you want to be sure that the growing is successful, you can use Plantui Plant Capsules™.
No, you can grow different types of plants at the same time. Some plants grow slower, some faster, the plants with similar growth rhythm should be grown together. Please check the growth group of each plant.
The Plantui Plant Capsules ™ are made of lava stone wool in order to ensure optimal water and oxygen levels for the plants. The rockwool capsule supports the plants when their roots grow to the nutrient solution.
The level of calcium in water is usually not a problem for the Plantui Smart Garden™: the plants will take the right amount of calcium according to their needs, and the pump of the device will not be affected since the mechanism for the water circulation prevents calcium residues. However, very high calcium levels in the tap water can partly block the pump or make visible traces on the plastic parts. Plantui 6 Smart Garden™ has an auto descaling mode to solve that problem. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of citric acid with 3 liters of warm water (max 55 °C) in the water bowl of an empty Plantui 6 Smart Garden. Hold your hand on the top of the device for 15 secs until the lights turn blue. The pump will operate for 2,5 min. If necessary, leave it to soak for a few hours and restart the pump. Then wash the parts (max 55 °C).
Three weeks after sowing (or when the plants are big enough), pinch off the top of the plant. You can do it with a pair of scissors or by hand by cutting off the growing point (the small leaves at the top) so that about two pairs of leaves are left below. The plant will then start growing lateral shoots at the base of these leaves, which makes it more bushy.​
Plantui seeds are not produced organically, but the seeds are inspected, all natural (no GMO), and have not been treated using any chemicals.
Sometimes there can be algae growing on the capsule. It appears always when there's enough light, moisture and nutrients. Normally the plants grow so quickly that they shade the capsule before the algae appears. If the plants are quite slow to grow, the algae can grow on the capsule, but that doesn't harm the plants.