How to grow microgreens with Plantui


Plantui 6 smart garden with microgreens tray is a combination designed to grow microgreens in sustainable way. You don’t need soil or growth mat, only the seeds and nutrient. Super easy and sustainable. If you don't already have Plantui device, you can get Plantui Smart Garden, Microgreens Tray, and a selection of microgreens seeds as a kit from here.

Step-By-Step instructions

  • Add 3 liters water and nutrients to the bowl (6), one spoon nutrients per liter of water. You can use 3 liters measurement mark inside the Bowl.
  • Assemble microgreen tray frame (9) to the watering unit (5) with the pump (3). It is important that the watering holes (10) are aligned.
  • Add mesh plates (8) and seeds. Microgreen tray is divided to four sections and inside one bag you’ll find four (4) smaller, brown bags, one (1) to be used for each section. You can use different seeds in each section!
  • Add one height block (2) and light unit (1)
  • Plug in the device.
  • Cover microgreens. Use the covers (7) for the first two-three days to help to keep optimal moisture for germination.
  • To start growing use pumping mode. Hold your hand on top of the light hat for 10 seconds. The light will blink twice, turn to violet and then to blue and you hear the pumping beginning. You don’t need to repeat this later.
  • During the pumping, check that the water rises to the Mesh plate and seed get watered. * The seed will float in this point, but they will grow roots attach to the mesh in few days.
  • Harvest and in enjoy in 7 to 14 days.
  • When harvesting lift Mesh plates of the tray and cut stems 1 cm above the growth surface with scissors or sharp knife and enjoy! You can use Covers as serving trays for the Mesh plates.
  • Check our recipes for the microgreens!
  • After use clean Plantui water bowl and watering tray together with microgreen tray parts. These parts can be washed in dishwasher (max 55 C).

*In older Plantui devices watering tray (5) can have four holes on the sides when in the new ones there is only two. If you have the old model, you need to cover two of the holes with tape - or you can order a new model of the watering tray from here. If you need any help, or have questions about your device, don't hesitate to contact us by email at or use the contact form



To be able to grow microgreens, you need the Microgreens Tray accessory for your Plantui 6 Smart Garden. You can find it here


Microgreens are superfood and superfast to grow. Radish and Broccoli are ready to harvest in 7 days. Microgreens can produce much higher amount of nutritional value compared mature greens in much shorter time and resources, they are very environmentally friendly. By growing them locally in your own kitchen with hydroponic growth method will make your total carbon footprint even smaller!

Plantui makes growing microgreens as easy as it gets. We have amount of seeds is optimized and from one microgreen seed package you will get a full tray of microgreens. One seed bag (white) contains 4 small bags (brown) of seeds + nutrient. Use one brown bag of seeds for one-quarter of Microgreens Tray.