Easy and ecological growing.

More taste, more vitamins

Unique growth light for your plants


more taste, more vitamins

Unique growth light for your plants

No soil, no peat

Low energy consumption

No soil, no peat

Low energy consumption

It's this easy

Plantui plants grow from plant capsules without soil or peat. Just add water and nutrients, put the capsules in your device and enjoy your indoor garden!


1. Add water and nutrients


2. Place plant capsules to the device


3. Add light hat and plug it in


4. Enjoy your indoor garden!

Choose your own Plantui


Plantui Smart Garden 3

A perfect smart indoor garden for small spaces

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Plantui Smart Garden 6

Family-sized Plantui indoor garden with room for your herbs and greens to grow

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Sustainable growth.

Plantui is the future of growing plants. Growing plants in a Plantui garden leads to lower food waste, lower energy and water consumption, and uses only 100% recyclable material. To add to this all, food production cannot be more local, so Plantui’s carbon footprint is tiny when compared to commercially purchased plants. Local food at its best! Plantui’s own energy consumption is also low

We do it like nature does.

Plantui's unique light technology mimics natural light and guarantees the best conditions for plants at different stages of their growth. It accelerates growth and supports plants well-being, increases the amount of vitamins and antioxidants, and supports the formation of flowers and fruits. Just great - isn't it?


"Parasta Plantuissa on tuoreus, helppous ja maku. Saamme nauttia vehreästä sadosta vuoden ympäri, hyvin pienellä vaivalla.”


We always work ahead of the season with our blog. Fresh herbs and edible flowers all year long are therefore so handy to have in your own kitchen.

Jutta&Maike - Team Kreativfieber

Expand your possibilities with these accessories

Pre-Grow Tray for 12 plants

With this Accessory you’ll grow healthy and vigorous seedlings in your Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden and transplant to a greenhouse or potting garden. This tray has a place for 12 plants.

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Microgreens Tray

Transform your Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden into a microgreens factory

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Blooming Light Block

Let your plants bloom

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Boosting Light Block

Give your plants a boost

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