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Grow salads, herbs, tomatoes, chilies and micro greens. Choose the best Plantui indoor garden for you from two different options

With smart Plantui indoor gardens, every gardener will find success. Plantui is the perfect indoor garden for herbs as it treats plants to just the right amount of water and light. And not just any light. Plantui’s light technology adapts to the growth phase of the plant, regulating the wavelength and intensity of the light accordingly. The light in the Plantui table gardens produces the optimum amount of light required to bring the plants to bloom. Similarly, the watering rhythm changes according to the stage of growth, increasing in frequency as the plant grows larger.

Healthier plants are tastier and have higher nutritional value. Grow fresh and pure local food all year round! Let the device manage the water and light, sit back and enjoy the miracle of growth.

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Smart indoor gardens

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Plenty of opportunities

There are two different models of Plantui indoor gardens. Plantui Smart Garden 3 is an indoor garden with three plant slots, a device especially suited for small spaces, whilst the Plantui Smart Garden 6 is the preferred choice for gardener’s looking for variety and to enjoy a diverse crop of plants. Grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, chilies and edible flowers in a Plantui device, or even try growing your own seeds. Plantui uses hydroponic cultivation, so no earth is required.

Both of our table gardens are suitable for growing all the plants in our range. If you want to grow super-healthy microgreens or use your Plantui garden to pre-grow plants, the Plantui Smart Garden 6 is the better choice.

Plantui is not only an indoor garden, accessible from your kitchen, but also as an eye-catching decorative feature for the living room or bedroom. Alternatively, the attractive lighting will brighten up your office space. Designed in Finland, Plantui combines enchanting Nordic aesthetics with technical excellence – without compromising on either.

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