The Plantui seed selection is full of the most wonderful flavours from all around the world. There are more than fifty plants in our selection, so there’s something to suit every taste bud.

Plantui plants grow from small, ecological plant capsules. Begin planting by placing the plant capsule in one of the allocated slots in the device. Plantui also caters for the more experimental gardener, as a Plantui garden allows you to grow plants from your own seeds. Simply save the empty plant capsules, place your seeds inside, then sit back and watch your plants grow. We encourage you to experiment and discover all the delicious varieties you can grow in your indoor garden.

When choosing seeds, take into account the different growth rates of each plant. The light and irrigation technology of a Plantui garden is optimised to suit a particular stage of growth. With different plants growing at different rates, it’s then important to select and cultivate seeds from the same growth category (or at least from an adjacent group) at the same time. This will ensure the best results.

Seeds and Plant Capsules

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Growth groups

Plantui plants are divided into four different growth groups in terms of a plant’s rate of growth: fast (3-5 weeks), medium (5-8 weeks), slow and long-lasting (8-12 weeks) and finally tomatoes and chilies, which are in a group of their own (12+ weeks).

The choice doesn’t end there. Our selection also includes the popular microgreens that grow in 1-2 weeks. To grow microgreens, you’ll require a separate microgreens tray as well as a Plantui Smart Garden 6 indoor garden.

It’s possible to achieve up to 10 crops from each plant, so use it diligently! Plants love when correctly harvested.

Read here for more plant care instructions

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