Asian Lover Set

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Asian Lover Set

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A set of 6 Asian flavoured plants

refreshing and zesty breeze of Asian flavour, full of variety! The Asian Lover product package is a blast of inspiration for your kitchen. Let this combination of salads and herbs take you on a culinary journey to the palates of our Eastern neighbours.

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Asian Lover contains six different plants, 18 plant capsules and a full helping of plant nutrientsThe herbs and salads contained in the package will be sufficient for about nine months of growth. 

Thai basil 

sweet basil that brings warmth to dishes, along with hints of aniseed and liquorice. 


Japanese flavour! This wonderfully fresh salad is also great when prepared hot. 

Pak Choi 

One of the most popular leafy greens in China! 


A fast-growing, beautiful oriental salad. 


This unmistakable herb is not only a cornerstone of Asian cooking but also Mediterranean, Mexican and French cuisine. 


Japanese kitchens place great faith in this herb, which a perfect substitute for basil and mint.

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