Back to Basils & Boosting light – Bundle


A set of six varieties of basil & additional boosting light block in a neat bundle!
Basil – Basil Dark -Basil Lemon – Basil Minette – Basil Spicy – Basil Thai

Feed your basil addiction with this dream package! Basil comes in many more varieties, other than the most familiar strain that forms the base for classic pesto. Deepen your passion for basil with an additional five varieties!

Boosting light is unique Plantui-technology. It will bring light to the lower parts of the plants, and enable them to grow strong and bushy.

Boosting Light Block

Give your plants a boost!

Lettuce and herbs grow bushy in the Plantui indoor garden and benefit from extra light in the lower and inner parts especially when they grow a bit taller. Thanks to the boosting light, the plants thrive and taste delicious. 

The boosting light is compatible with all Plantui Smart Garden indoor gardens. It is a good choice for cultivators of lettuce and herbs as well as chilli peppers and tomatoes. 

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Ocimum basilicum

This classic herb is so much more versatile than just pesto and pasta! Try a colourful combination with strawberries and peaches.

Basil is often called the king of herbs, having been found in the royal burial chambers of pyramids. Basil is a multi-purpose herb that can be used in a wide variety of foods. Try basil instead of mint in drinks!

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Basil Dark

Ocimum basilicum ‘Dark Opal’

Basil variety with beautiful dark, purple leaves. 

Dark basil has beautiful, glossy leaves that are almost regal in colour, and the shade becomes even deeper as the plant grows. A few leaves of dark basil in homemade vinaigrette give the dressing a lovely ruby hue. 

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Basil Lemon

Ocimum basilicum  Lemon

Basil with a soft hint of lemon. 

In addition to dishes that call for a lemon flavour such as fish and pasta, try fresh lemon basil in fruit salads and other desserts. Lemon basil also tastes great in drinks! 

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Basil Minette

Ocimum basilicum - 'Minette’

The leaves of this bushy variety of basil might be small but don’t let that fool you: this little guy brings some big taste! 

Basil Minette can be used like regular basil. The taste is intense and has a slight hint of aniseed. The pretty little leaves of Minette make it ideal for garnishing. 

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Basil Spicy

Ocimum basilicum  Spicy

Extra strong basil! 

The strength of spicy basil means a small amount is all that’s needed. However, feel free to be liberal and bold when using this perky little member of the basil family. 

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Basil Thai

Ocimum basilicum  Thai

This basil has a sweet and warm flavour with hints of aniseed and liquorice. 

Thai basil tastes sweeter and warmer than regular basil. In addition to aniseed and liquorice, some describe the taste as peppery and cinnamon-like. Creative chefs are particularly fond of Thai basil and with its gorgeous, dark green, fragrant leaves, it’s especially beautiful. Thai basil is more resistant to heat than regular basil, making it a great spice for soups and sauces.  

If you want to try something really different, slip some Thai basil leaves inside your wallet - it is said to bring good fortune! 

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The Back to basils- selection contains six varieties of basil, with a total of 18 plant capsules and plenty of plant nutrients. The basil varieties in this package will be sufficient for about nine months of growth. This bundle also includes the Boosting light block to produce additional volume to your plants. Boosting light should be added as the lowest height block, so that it brings light for the lower parts of the plants and help them to grow strong.


This classic herb is so much more versatile than just pesto and pasta! Try a colourful combination with strawberries and peaches. 

Dark basil 

A basil variety with beautiful, darkpurple leaves 

Lemon Basil 

A strain that offers a soft hint of lemon

Basil Minette 

The leaves of this bushy variety of basil might be small but don’t let that fool you: this little guy brings some big taste! 

Spicy basil 

An extra strong basil. Less is more when seasoning. 

 Thai basil 

This warm basil has a sweet flavour, with hints of aniseed and liquorice. 




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