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A set of six varieties of basil
Basil – Basil Dark -Basil Lemon – Basil Minette – Basil Spicy – Basil Thai

Feed your basil addiction with this dream package! Basil comes in many more varieties, other than the most familiar strain that forms the base for classic pesto. Deepen your passion for basil with an additional five varieties! 

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The Back to basils- selection contains six varieties of basil, with a total of 18 plant capsules and plenty of plant nutrients. The basil varieties in this package will be sufficient for about nine months of growth. 


This classic herb is so much more versatile than just pesto and pasta! Try a colourful combination with strawberries and peaches. 

Dark basil 

A basil variety with beautiful, darkpurple leaves 

Lemon Basil 

A strain that offers a soft hint of lemon

Basil Minette 

The leaves of this bushy variety of basil might be small but don’t let that fool you: this little guy brings some big taste! 

Spicy basil 

An extra strong basil. Less is more when seasoning. 

 Thai basil 

This warm basil has a sweet flavour, with hints of aniseed and liquorice. 



1 review for Back to Basils

  1. Maria

    So nice to try all these different Basils! I didn’t know them, so similar but also so different. Minette is now a standard in my Plantui garden!

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