Chili “Bird’s Eye Baby”


C. annuum ‘Bird’s Eye Baby’
Spicy Chili-novelty – Tested by our fabulous Plantui Owner’s-group!

This limited edition will be sold in a flash – so be quick and get yours now! Bird’s Eye Baby-chili is a slight mystery for us also, so join this wild exploration journey to the world of flaming hot flavors and joy of growth! We’ll give a surprise prize to the first person to reap the harvest from this one! Share the joy of growth of your chili on social media with #plantuiexperimentclub

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Category: Chili
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
First leaves in: 2 weeks
Growth and size: Slow;  Big (4-6 height blocks)
This plant will need extra height blocks for your Plantui in addition to the default 2 blocks which the device is shipped with. We recommend that you get one blooming and one boosting light block in addition to the regular height blocks
How to cut: Pruning is not needed for chili
When to eat: Collect the fruits when they are ripened.

Additional info:
Bird’s Eye Baby –chili grows small but fierce peppers! On the Scoville scale, Bird’s Eye Baby scores from 100,000 to 225,000.
As a comparison, the rather spicy Habanero-chili falls between 100 000 – 350 000 on Scoville scale.

Chillies germinate in about two weeks. Chilies grow slowly. A few months after sowing, the chili is ten centimetres tall and begins to crave more light. You can then add a Boosting Light Height Block to enhance plant growth.
As the first flowers appear, you can add a separate Blooming Light Height Block. The first harvest ripens typically 5-6 months after sowing. 

Read more about growing Chillies and the indoor garden accessories we recommend for chili-fans.

Bird’s Eye Baby chili – in the hands of our test team


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