Bloody Sorrel

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Rumex sanguineus 

Fresh green leaves with red stripes and a vibrant taste. Falling in love with bloody sorrel is easy! 

Bloody sorrel is one of the prettiest and most spectacular salads you can imagine. The taste is fresh and lemony. Like rhubarb and wood sorrel, red veined sorrel contains oxalic acidgiving it a similar taste. 

Not only does red veined sorrel add flavour, when served fresh it’s also a feast for the eyes. Young leaves can be eaten as they arewhereas larger ones can be chopped and cooked in butter and cream. 

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Category: Salad
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
Cutting and harvesting: Cut at the base of the plant
First leaves in: 1-2 weeks
Growth and size: Medium speed; Tall (4 height blocks)
This plant will need extra height blocks for your Plantui in addition to the default 2 blocks which the device is shipped with. We recommend that you get at least one boosting light block in addition to the regular height blocks
How to cut: Prune by cutting off the outermost leaves at the base of the rosette;
When to eat: Start to eat when the plant starts growing

Additional info:
Bloody sorrel, also known as red veined sorrel germinates in 7-10 days and grows slowly at first. It takes about a month for growth to accelerate and the first harvest is ready about 5 weeks after sowing. 

Harvest by cutting the largest leaves very close to the base. New growth takes place in the mid section of the plant. Red veined sorrel can stain your fingers, so try using scissors. 

2 reviews for Bloody Sorrel

  1. piia

    Makes a beautiful, colorful salad mixed with normal green salad. Grows fast and well!

  2. Amy

    That’s good despite the “bloody” name! I love to add the small leaves to my salads.

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