Boosting Light Block


Boosting Light Block


Give your plants a boost!

Lettuce and herbs grow bushy in the Plantui indoor garden and benefit from extra light in the lower and inner parts especially when they grow a bit taller. Thanks to the boosting light, the plants thrive and taste delicious. 

The boosting light is compatible with all Plantui Smart Garden indoor gardens. It is a good choice for cultivators of lettuce and herbs as well as chilli peppers and tomatoes. 

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Product information

Package includes:block
Height: 11 cm

The additional light should be placed where the light from the light unit needs a boost. Usually the boosting light should be the lowest light block. 

You can use up to five height blocks in the Plantui Smart Garden 3 and 6 indoor gardens. Two of them can be additional light blocks. The Plantui Smart Garden 3 with five height blocks is 64 cm high whilst the Plantui Smart Garden 6 is 62 cm.

There’s also a separate blooming light in our selection. Also more height blocks are available to buy if you need more growing space for your plants in addition to light.

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