Height Block


Give your plants more room to grow! 

Usually the two height blocks in the Plantui indoor garden package provide enough space for the plants. If you want to grow tall plants in your indoor garden, such as chilli peppers, tomatoes or edible flowers, or want to let herbs and lettuce grow fully before harvesting, you need to create more space with height blocks. 

The height block is compatible with all Plantui Smart Garden indoor gardens.  

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Package includes:block
Height: 11 cm

In addition to height blocks, our selection includes various blooming and boosting light blocks

You can use up to five height blocks in the Plantui Smart Garden 3 and 6 indoor gardens. Two of them can be additional light blocks. The Plantui Smart Garden 3 with five height blocks is 64 cm high whilst the Plantui Smart Garden 6 is 62 cm.




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