Jalapeño brown


Capsicum annuum ‘Jalapeño brown’

A large chili with an ancient history!

The Jalapeño Brown is probably the oldest chili in the world. Originating from Mexico, historians believe it was already being cultivated as far back as the Aztecs.

Jalapeño Brown is also the largest chili in our collection! That means it needs space to grow, so it’s good to trim the longest branches when grown in a Plantui smart garden. Spring is the ideal time to pre-grow the seeds in a Plantui smart garden and then transplant them outdoors to a big pot or outside garden.

This particular variety is valued for its unique colour, touch of heat, and the versatility in how it can be used. For example, slice the Jalapeño Brown and add as a topping for salads and pizza, or stuff them and grill them on the barbecue.

Hurry to try it now! The Jalapeño Brown is a limited edition.

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Category: Chili
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
First leaves in: 2 weeks
Growth and size: Slow;  Big (4-5 height blocks)
Your Plantui will require extra height blocks to grow this plant, in addition to the 2 default blocks with which the device is already equipped. We recommend purchasing one extra blooming and one extra boosting light block to compliment the standard height blocks.

How to cut: Prune the longer branches to keep the plant of an adequate size.
When to eat: Collect the fruits when they turn brown.

Additional info:
This is a larger plant within our collection, so we recommend giving it room to grow by not using every slot within the Smart garden. The Jalapeño plant takes time to bear fruit. However, the growth of the plant is a joy to behold!

Like other chilies, it germinates in about two weeks. After germination, make sure to leave only one seedling per plant pod.

When the chili is ten centimeters tall and begins to crave more light, you can add a Boosting Light Block to enhance plant growth. After about 2 months the stem will be strong and dark and the first flowers appear. This is the moment when you can add a Blooming Light Block. To help the chili to form fruit we suggest gently shaking the plants to stimulate flower pollination. The first chili appears after 3 months and ripened chilis are ready for harvest typically 5 months after the seeds are planted.

The ready fruits turn colour from light to dark green and then to “chocolate” brown, indicating they have fully ripened. Once mature, the fruits range from 2.5 to 4cm in length.


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