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Save 40% and get enough plants for the whole year!

The Jumbo Pack product package contains 12 packets of our favorite plants. As each plant package contains 3 plant capsules and a bag of nutrients – you’ll get 36 plant capsules and all the plant nutrientyou’ll need for growth

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In the package: 12 different plant packages, each containing 3 plant capsules and a bag of plant nutrient. (36 plant capsules and 12 bags of plant nutrient in total).

This Jumbo pack contains:

  1. Basil lemon, Basil with a soft hint of lemon.
  2. Coriander, an important herb in Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican and French cuisine
  3. Basil thai, sweet and warm flavour with hints of aniseed and liquorice
  4. Basil, classic herb
  5. Snapdragon, lovely, multi-coloured flower is the perfect decoration for any pastry
  6. Green Kale, perfect for salads and smoothies
  7. Licorice herb, a cute and sweet herb with licorice-anise flavor
  8. Pok choy red, Chinese salad vegetable with beautiful red leaves
  9. Rosemary, ideal herb for seasoning game and lamb dishes, vegetables and drinks
  10. Mint, A wonderfully fragrant herb to spice up desserts, fruit salads and savoury dishes
  11. Oregano, the cornerstone of Greek and Italian dishes
  12. Thyme, a very tasty herb, great for stews and casseroles

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  1. Anna

    I love having a big selection back home for pick’n mixing plants!

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