Tagetes filifolia

Ever thought about growing your own licorice?

The licorice herb looks really cute with its fine but stiff dark green, dill-like leaves and its round shape.

It also has a unique licorice & anise taste which makes it a “sweetener” perfect for seasoning desserts and drinks. Even if it is not so famous, licorice herb has almost the same sweetener power as stevia.

Licorice can be also used in savory dishes – try it in fish dishes, as an ingredient in spice oil, or why not, use it to make pesto


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Category: herb
Package includes: 3 capsules + 1 plant nutrient bag
First leaves in:
1-2 weeks
Growth, size, and shape: Slow and steady ; Small ; Round and bushy
How to cut: cut outermost leaves evenly on all sides.  See pruning guide here.
When to eat: as soon as side brunches are growing.
Grow it with: this herb grows well together with other herbs and plants with similar growing period and size (see our plant guide). However, you can try any combination you like, just make sure that each plant gets enough space and light.

Additional info:
The first leaves of licorice herb appear in 1-2 weeks from planting, then the plant will keep on growing calmly but steadily.
Harvest the outermost leaves to keep the plant small and get a continuous harvest. The main brunches will not grow back, so cut those only when you are ready to use it all. The plant will stay young and fresh for about 2 months, after which you should harvest the entire plant at once.

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