Origanum majorana

Like a mild oregano, but with a sweet and more sophisticated aroma. 

Marjoram has been used to relieve muscle and joint pain as well as insomnia and seasickness. Maybe everyone should keep marjoram in their medicine cabinet! Its place in every kitchen is assured, especially when cooking Greek and Italian cuisine. Marjoram is also great in vegetarian dishes. 

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Category: Herb
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
First leaves in: 2 weeks
Growth and size: Medium speed; Medium (3 Heigh blocks)
This plant will need 1-2 extra height blocks for your Plantui in addition to the default 2 blocks which the device is shipped with. We recommend that you get one boosting light block in addition to the regular height blocks
How to cut: Pinch the top to maintain growth. See pruning guide here.
When to eat: You can start eating when the plant is about 4-5 cm high

Additional info:

Marjoram is first cut when its 4-5 cm tall. Cut off the top pairs of leaves. 

Marjoram can be harvested gently when it is 7-10 cm tall. From then on, harvest by cutting the stem just above the pair of leaves below. This will encourage the marjoram to grow new branches, producing more leaves to harvest. 

Marjoram has small, oval, grey-green leaves and a nice, spicy taste. 


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