Mediterranean herbs

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A set of 6 different Mediterranean herbs
Basil – Mint – Oregano – Sage – Thyme – Marjoram

Finding it hard to choose? Then don’t! Just grab this selection including 6 of  the most common Mediterranean herbs.

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The Mediterranean-herbs package contains six different plants, 18 plant capsules in total and the right dose of plant nutrients. The herbs in this package will be sufficient for about nine months of growth.


There’s so many more ways to utilise this classic herb. Use it in cocktails or combine it with fruit.  


A wonderfully fragrant herb to invigorate and decorate desserts, fruit salads, cakes and savoury dishes. 


A sweet and delicate herbs, perfect for seasoning any dish: soups, stews, salad dressings, sauces, and herbal teas.


The cornerstone of Greek and Italian seasoning. Oregano goes well with beans and vegetables. 


A deep and powerful herb, with a full flavour. Try frying the leaves in butter to make a delicious pasta sauce. 


To get the most from this tasty herb, try gently crushing the leaves to release more flavour. 

1 review for Mediterranean herbs

  1. piia

    This is a perfect starter pack! All my favorites on one go!

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