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A wonderfully fragrant herb to spice up and decorate desserts, fruit salads, cakes and savoury dishes. 

Mint is a sweet and fresh herb that can be used not only in desserts but also with lamb, for example. Mint leaves also make wonderfully refreshing tea. 

There are more than 600 different varieties of mint. In ancient Greece, mint was rubbed on tables to welcome guests and is also known as a symbol of hospitality. 

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Category: Herb
Package includes: 3 plant capsules + nutrients
First leaves in: 2-3 weeks
Growth and size: Slow; Medium (3 height blocks)
This plant will need an extra height block for your Plantui in addition to the default 2 blocks which the device is shipped with. We recommend that you get one boosting light block in addition to the regular height blocks
How to cut: Pinch the top to maintain growth. See pruning guide here.
When to eat: You can start eating when the plant is about 5 cm high

Additional info:

Mint germinates in about ten days. Growth is slow at first, but once it gets going, mint becomes lush. Mint seeds are tiny (0.2 mm), so check, when you insert the mint capsule, that no seeds have become attached to the capsule’s adhesive label.  

Mint must be cut for the first time when it is small, about 5 cm tall. Cut off the top pair of leaves. When mint is taller, it enjoys being prunedencouraging greater growth. From then on, harvest by cutting the stem just above the pair of leaves below. The plant can be cut a lot at once, as long as a few pairs of leaves remain under the cutting point. This will encourage new branches and thicker growth, producing more leaves to harvest. 


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